So You Can Change Whatsapp Color Theme Using This Simple Trick


You can do it now! If you wanted to change your WhatsApp color and failed in the attempt, here we explain how to achieve it in just one simple step.

While users wait for the September update to arrive, the same with which you can activate the “dark mode”, there is a trick to be able to totally modify WhatsApp color. Did you know that you could even put up your picture?

The steps are quite simple and it is not necessary to download another third-party application that, in the long run, can obtain data or private information from your chats.

The first thing you should do is enter Settings, and from there enter Chats . After that simply scroll to where Fund says.

According to Depor as a second step, you can choose between a solid color and even wallpaper you have on your device or a photo either (like your dog, your family, etc.)

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Among the different colors are blue, pink, fuchsia, green, yellow, and a series of pale shades. Which one do you prefer to decorate WhatsApp?

It should be noted that you can also use the black background, with the purpose not only to save energy when you need it most, but also to take care of the view before the brightness of the application.

Remember that these steps are quite simple and you will not need to download another type of program that can be viruses and thus spoil your chat or, usually, hacking your account.


September is the key date for WhatsApp to change radically. Next month you can not only get the famous “dark mode” that is already enabled on YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, among others.

The new emojis are also expected, which are a total of 230 images with which you can enjoy using them in your conversations. The catalog is completed by the following:

Waffles, butter, garlic, orangutan, sloth, skunk, guide dog, diver, wheelchair, cane, mototaxi, menstruation, earphone.

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