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Verbatim Analysis

Analysis of text is an essential task in today’s digital business world. There are many E-mails, Feedbacks, and Notifications that a company received daily. It is essential for the company to analysis them to categorise them or make meaningful statistics from them or use it for further management actions.  

Analyzing text sounds like an easy task to do. You just look at the text, find some patterns, and categorize the text based on those patterns. If you have received a small amount of free-text feedback from your customers, you should be able to do this without too much difficulty or dedicated resources. But, what when you are getting huge texts from customers and associatives?

Here, I will tell you a bit more about text analysis – what it can do and how you can benefit from it. I will also tell you what you need to pay attention to when deciding on text analysis software to invest in. 

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Verbatim Analysis Software – Easily Analyze Open-Ended Questions

This Text Analysis Software is very helpful in analysing open-ended questions in easy and efficient way. Some of the forms of open-ended question that you can analysis with Verbatim Analysis Software are:

In today’s world, getting your hands on the voice of the customer is not difficult. Most companies have more comments from their customers than they know what to do with. 

These can come from internal sources, such as

  1. E-mails to your support desk
  2. Transcriptions from your call center
  3. Messages to your customer service staff
  4. Notes in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  5. Comments from web site visitors
  6. Survey researchers call the open-end responses verbatims
  7. In a survey about a new juice beverage the codes might be something such as Likes, Likes flavor, Likes color, Likes package, Dislikes, Too sweet, Bad color, and Hard to open.

How Can Verbatim Coding Work for Me?

The technique of verbatim coding can certainly be used to analyze the comments from our customers, but it has its drawbacks. It typically costs about 15 to 45 cents per comment.

The Ascribe verbatim analysis Intelligence platform is used by leading market research companies around the globe to code verbatim. While worker productivity using Ascribe is far higher than when using more manual approaches, achieving coding rates above 400 comments per hour is rare. 

The customer comments we have collected internally normally do not warrant the cost of verbatim coding. On the other hand, if we have conducted our surveys, we can certainly use verbatim coding effectively for these open-ends. 

1. Using Text Analytics for Verbatim Analysis

Working with customer comments, text analytics can tell us several things

  • What are my customers talking about? These are the topics.
  • What are they saying about each topic? These are expressions about the topics.
  • How do they feel about these things? These are sentiment ratings.

Text Analytics to Summarize Sentiment

If we run a thousand or so comments about our gym through text analytics, we might get results such as this example from the Ascribe CX Snapshot product.

2. Drilling into the Data

 It will let us drill into the data, so we can see exactly what our members are saying about the topics. It should also let us use other information about our members. For example, if we know the gender of each member, we can look at how the women’s opinion of the showers differs from the men. A text analytics tool can also guide you to remedial action to improve your sentiment ratings.

Thinking about verbatim coding as done in survey research, you can see that the computer did two things

  • It invented a set of categories, in this case, the topics
  • It classified the responses into the categories.

Therefore, the computer did the same two things as humans doing verbatim coding. It invented a set of “codes,” which are the topics, and it classified the responses into these codes. While the computer did something similar to verbatim coding, it is not the same. A big difference is that in verbatim coding

Take Away

Verbatim coding is a very much advanced part of traditional analysis. It gives very high accuracy but can be expensive and time-consuming. Text analytics can provide similar insights at a fraction of the time and cost.

The Ascribe verbatim analysis Intelligence platform provides both traditional verbatim coding and advanced text analytics. Verbatim content in Ascribe can be coded using Ascribe Coder or can be used through text analytics using CX Snapshot or CX Inspector. This allows you to choose the best approach for your needs on a given project, even allowing you to use a combination of these techniques when a particular project demands it.

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