What Items Players Should Purchase in RuneScape

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With so many items and so little gold, knowing which items that players should purchase in RuneScape 3 can be a tough question that leads to many unsure answers.

After continuously farming RS3 gold for what felt like years, it’s finally time to see the rewards of your efforts by purchasing RuneScape Items! But the question is, what items should be on top of one’s list that’s enough to be considered as a “must buy”?

There are a lot of merchants out in RuneScape 3 – some of the vendors are even players themselves who are disguised as bots.

Players that dive deep into the world of RuneScape often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place due to the best items being some of the most expensive things that money can buy. Despite having millions of gold, it can take just a few minutes to spend it all and for players to possibly regret their purchasing decisions. To avoid all of that, players must keep in mind what are some of the items should are best for them and their character. After all, what’s the use of getting a gear that can’t be used? Without further ado, here are some recommendations as to what items should purchase with their RuneScape gold.

Dragonkin Lamp

Whether a player is still at the starting stages of RuneScape or is already heading towards the endgame content, the Dragonkin Lamp is always a worthy purchase.

The Dragonkin Lamp is a RuneScape Item that can be earned as a final reward by the ancient effigies Distraction and Diversion quest.

Those that haven’t begun the quest, however, have the option to purchase it from the Travelling Merchant’s Shop for 250k RS3 gold. Since there are no requirements to use the item, anyone can make use of it.

he usefulness of the Dragonkin Lamp shines with its ability to let players who only use combat skills be able to level up their non-combat skills at the same time. It should be worth noting though that the experience points that a player is awarded are based on the level of the skill it is used on. For example, if a player is level 60, the item will only award its user about 10k points. But if a player is level 99, then they will instead receive a whopping 48k points because of how high their skill levels are.

Plus, another benefit of the Dragonkin Lamp is that it is the only method to unlock one of RuneScape’s rarest pets – the Effy. But to do so, players must first complete the Rebuilding Edgeville mini-quest to have the chance of receiving the Effy.

The Unstable Air Rune: Perfect for Runecrafters

The Unstable Air Rune can be rather costly to some players as it’s priced as 250k which can be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s extremely useful for players who are into Runecrafting. The use case of the item is relatively simple – it awards players 5,000 Runespan points. These points can then be used to unlock various items such as the Unstable Essence or the Master Runecrafter Outfit which is arguably one of the most important items every player that that specializes in Runecrafting should have. The reason why the Unstable Air Rune is incredibly popular is due to Runecrafting being one of the slowest skills to train in the entirety of RuneScape. As such, the Unstable Air Rune can be regarded as heaven-sent as it speeds up the process of leveling up Runecrafting.

Drygore Longsword

The Drygore Longsword is the best melee weapon in all of RuneScape and with good reason. With 4957 Accuracy and 1102 Damage, it’s miles better compared to the already-powerful Chaotic Longsword/Chaotic Rapier. Plus, Drygore weapons, in general, are considered to be the higher tier for melee weapons. Should the Drygore Longsword be paired with another like it as an off-hand weapon, players may well have the best combination in terms of a high Damage and Accuracy output. The only downside to it is that it degrades over time, resulting in frequent repairs which are rather costly.


Picking and choosing which Rune Scape Items players ought to buy with their hard-earned RS3 gold can be a tough choice, but hopefully, they’ll be able to gather a bit of information or two thanks to this guide. With farming RuneScape gold becoming increasingly difficult over the years, it’s understandable for players to be in a constant dilemma of which items they should put up high in their list of things to buy first. What do you think about the items that were talked about? Are they worthy of being spent hundreds of thousands of gold on? Let us know down below.

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