Best Professions in WoW TBC

Professions in WoW TBC

Professions are important in WoW TBC, and here’s the ones you should be focusing on.

There are changes made to the game with the introduction of The Burning Crusade. Now, we have to shift focus more onto crafting powerful gear. This means that not only are we going to need plenty of WoW TBC gold going into the next expansion, but we will also want to know what the best professions are in WoW TBC.


If you’re a cloth-wearing class such as a priest or warlock, then Tailoring is going to be vital. This is a Tailoring profession in WoW TBC that provides you with a number of powerful pre-raid WoW TBC Classic items, and also provides a Spellstrike set for warlocks.

You can also make three special forms of cloth that can be very useful for certain gear. The three types of cloth are all on cooldowns which last a number of days. This means that they will be very popular in the early stages.


We mentioned that making WoW TBC gold is key, and Alchemy is a great way for you to do so. With the likes of the Primal Might transmute, you can keep hold of something that is very valuable, and have something in your possession that many players will be willing to part with a lot of gold for. You will also be using an Alchemy profession that can take advantage of Cauldrons. These are a great source to get protection potions that you can use in raids. The Alchemist Stones are good trinkets that healers can use.


Another handy profession for making WoW TBC gold is Jewelcrafting. As someone who uses this Jewelcrafting profession in WoW TBC, you will gain access to certain gems that only you can use. They might only be a little bit better than those accessible by every other player, but it’s still worth having.

Those players that prefer a PvP approach can also benefit as well. Thanks to the Shadowsong Panther trinket, you can increase both your attack power and your stealth detection too. This is particularly beneficial for Rogue players, since they are proficient in the arena when compared to other classes.


This used to be essential for those wanting to do raids in The Burning Crusade.

However, a number of important changes were made to the Leatherworking profession in WoW TBC, mainly being heavily nerfed, and affecting the Drums of Battle.

That said, it is still something that classes will still use. You can craft armour upgrades and make WoW TBC Classic items that could be essential.

Its main use is still Drums of Battle, and even after the changes were made you still have raids that will want to have a leatherworker in their group.


Where Engineering is concerned, you are looking at something that can be useful for your WoW TBC Classic account. It might not be thought of as valuable in TBC as it would have been previously, but still, it is good to have. You can make explosive items that will help get you through The Burning Crusade. The engineering goggles you can craft also help your stealth detection as well, which can be pivotal in PvP situations.

These goggles will not be available to you from the start of The Burning Crusade. That being said, you will still notice that a lot of other players will be flocking to Engineering when the goggles are able to be used.

These are likely to appear in a patch down the line, so once they do be sure to craft them to help you in future battles.


With Blacksmithing, you will have the opportunity to create one of the most powerful weapons you can make in the whole of The Burning Crusade.

This is the one-handed mace Dragonmaw, and it’s the reason as to why so many melee classes will use this Blacksmithing profession as their main focus.

In fact, the likes of Shamans and Warriors will use the Blacksmithing profession in WoW TBC throughout the expansion, since there’s a number of opportunities for you to upgrade the mace.

If you want another way for you to make WoW TBC gold, then you can do so with Blacksmithing. You can make gold when you craft weapon chains, weapon stones, armour buffs and more, so be sure to sink some time into the Blacksmithing profession if you wish to get some gold behind you.

This will be especially useful as you transition into The Burning Crusade, so make sure you have the relevant gold and professions in WoW TBC to help guide you through it. Are you ready for WoW TBC? Let us know in the comments section below!

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