Don’t know which FFXIV mounts to get? Go for these ones.

Best FFXIV Mounts

Despite the Aethertytes allowing Warriors of Light to teleport all around Eorzea, mounts will always be popular. While they’re ideally meant for getting around in short distances, they’re mostly used to flex one’s fortune in Final Fantasy XIV. Here are the best FFXIV mounts for your consideration and riding pleasures.


It’s easy to scoff horse Best FFXIV mounts because of how traditional their looks are. Some would even say that they are all the same and only vary in color palette. That, of course, is the wrong opinion, and the Aithon is proof of that.

This literally fiery steed can only be obtained by chance as a reward for finishing the Extreme version of Bowl of Embers. Ifrit couldn’t have gifted the lucky adventurers with a better gift, as its bright mane of fire allows the rider to be seen miles away. And that is exactly the purpose of mounts: to be seen.

Also, don’t let its winglessness fool you – it can fly. Just don’t ask us how.

Dark Lanner

To say that the Dark Lanner is a strange mix of ideas is an understatement. Its existence means that somebody in Square Enix had to think of a black eagle with magical and glowing purple wings. Whoever that may be, it is a brilliant idea, as it managed to make a rather common mount design not only unique, but also popular among the players. After all, it’s not everyday that you see some big and black predatory bird with purple fairy magic in its feathers.


The dodo is the poster bird of extinct animals. A big yet goofy and adorable flightless bird, its lack of natural enemies in the island meant it didn’t have to adapt to predators. Then the settlers came in and ate them all.

Thankfully, the dodo has a different fate in Eorzea. The two don’t share the same look, but the same “big yet goofy and adorable flightless bird” description fits it to a T either way. Of course, Eorzea, being not just a fantasy but a Final Fantasy world, is expected to have bigger dodos – and goofier as well.

Flying Chair

Mounts are usually in the form of animals, monsters, and machinery. So, how about furniture? Well, Eorzea is a land of magic, so such a ride is not beyond the capabilities of the world. For that, there is the Flying Chair. No mount can be more perfect for intellectuals, as well as men and women of taste.

What makes this mount special is that instead of the usual saddle-riding position, those riding it sit on it in such a classy yet eccentric manner.

Fatter Cat

Cats are popular both in Eorzea and real life. It’s why the Miqote is one of the popular races, if not the most. At least before the Viera came along. Anyway, back to the topic: felines. They make good pets in the real world, but rides, not so much. Of course, this doesn’t apply to Eorzea, as there are cat mounts in the game.

While there are also big cat mounts based on tigers and jaguars, we’re not talking about that. By big we mean fat.

Simply known as Fatter Cat, it’s not your usual fat cat. Rather than a huge belly but long legs, it has a barrel-shaped torso and short, stubby legs that add to its cuteness. To push the cuteness factor even further, why not use a Phial of Fantasia and become a Roegadyn?


The Carbuncle is known for being the arcanists’ summon. Before they became summoners and gain access to the more powerful Primals’ egis, they had to rely on these cute little critters. With the Aquamarine Carbuncle, it seems as if the summon was given a new lease on life. This time, however, as a mount instead of an aid in battle.

Since it’s a mount, it’s bigger than the usual Carbuncle. Thankfully, it doesn’t take away how cute this summon is. Plus, because of its glowing blue color, other players will be able to see it a mile away.

Starlight Bear

Last but definitely not least would be the Starlight Bear. Ursine mammals are known to be ferocious, but the Starlight Bears’ Santa hat and coat-wearing looks suggest that instead of being polar predators, they’re going to be the substitute reindeers. Whether they will succeed delivering gifts in the same speed isn’t the question, but simply if they are adorable. And they are.

These Best FFXIV mounts aren’t exactly the kind you ride into battle, but that’s not why FFXIV players ride anyway. So, which ones are you going to go for? Tell us in the comments section.

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