How to Build Brand Recognition with Pins

Brand recognition with pins

Although pins are small, they create a massive impact in enhancing brand recognition with pins and the identity of a company, product or event. Pins are small items resembling badges that are worn or pinned on clothing, either having a company logo, name, or showing affiliation to a movement or venture. They can design in different shapes, sizes and be made of different materials thus making them versatile and ideal for brand-enhancing. For an organization that has a low budget but wants an effective way of branding and product recognition, the use of lapel pins, as they are commonly known, is the way to go. You will be able to build your brand recognition using pins by:

Build Brand Recognition with Pins

Using Company Logo and Name

Imprinting or placing your company logo or name on the lapel pins makes it easy for customers and your targeted audience to create brand recognition with pins. Your customer quickly and easily identifies with your company name or logo just by the look of the pins tagged on your representatives’ clothing. The more visible it is, the easier it is to spot it and associate it with your brand. The end product, or target, is the visibility of your brand to the customers and target market audience.

Appreciations and Awards

Pins can used as a mark of achievement and appreciation to a team or individual for a job well done. You can categories various designs of lapel pins to issue as awards to your employees or even loyal customers. These can be a reward system for services rendered or consistency in using your brand. This most often encourages employees and customers alike to continue working hard and using the brand thus building your brand recognition with pins and commitment.

For Promotional Purposes

You may decide to issue pins as giveaways to customers and potential customers as a marketing tool as illustrated by how to make enamel pins. This normally creates a ripple effect in your business cycle since one customer will be noticed by another and thus, your brand will spread to a wider audience. Individuals love giveaways, and this can almost always ensure a quick spread of the news concerning your brand.

Brand recognition with pin
Brand recognition with pin

Creating a Sense of Belonging

By wearing uniform badges, especially at events and social gatherings associated with your organization, employees or representative have a sense of belonging, binding them and identifying them with your company and brand. This can boost their morale and incorporate a sense of dedication and hard work to the company. This can also boost your brand recognition with pins by the fact that employees give the best service and overall output.

Identifying the Company

Apart from enhancing visibility by the use of your logo and name, pins have the effect of establishing an identity for your company. By involving your company and specifically its employees in events of the exhibition, the use of custom uniform pins establishes your brand presence and plays a role in showcasing your staff skills. There is a strong way of establishing your company’s brand awareness. It is also a way in which your customers identify the impact the company has on their wellbeing.


Pins are a versatile and cost-effective way of a company anchoring their brand on a large scale. This is supported by the fact that pins can go anywhere people go thus the visibility and identity.

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