Tips To Survive DayZ You Cannot Miss


The game of DayZ is a highly exciting one. It is not only challenging but is also quite fascinating. The game is mostly played in groups and has a very unique approach. It is one of the most exciting survival games available for gamers. However, in order to perform well in the game, you must be aware of the various tips and tricks that will help you to play the game DayZ with full confidence. So, here we are with some of the best strategies that will help you to kick start your journey and survive the game of DayZ easily.

Start with baby steps: 

When you first enter the world of Chernarus, you might get overwhelmed. There is a huge map right before. You are also equipped with quite a few items. Your first motive in the game is to locate your food. You should also try looking for sharp objects using which you will be able to cut your chicken. Always start with the basics like searching for food and weapons and then gradually make your progress in the game. This will definitely be giving you certain advantages in the game.

Look for loot locations: 

Once you have found yourself some basic weapons and some food to eat, you need to start looking for loot locations. The Piano House is an ideal place where you can get access to food, guns, clothing and ammunition. You can also check the police stations for clothes and weapons. The military tents are also perfect locations for clothes, backpacks, food and weapons.

Always look for the items that you regularly need: 

There are quite a few things that you will find in this game but you should concentrate on those items that you are going to require at every point of the game. This may include a knife, rags and bandages to save yourself. You should also look for a shotgun that will help you to attack your enemies and kill the zombies. You should also look for sufficient food items to keep yourself healthy all the time. Clothes and backpacks are also a basic requirement.

Try to avoid the roads: 

When you are just starting off, it is always better that you avoid the roads as the roads are always filled with people. It is always better to take the forest or some isolated roadways. This will help you to collect items for loot. You will also be able to keep yourself away from the crowd. You will also be protected from well-armed players who might otherwise cause a lot of harm to you.

Look for firearms: 

Firearms can save you from all kinds of situations. They will help you to fight against zombies. Using firearms, you will also be able to protect yourself from other enemies. So, before looking for advanced weapons, you must always try to find firearms for yourself. However, finding firearms is not a very easy task. You need to search various locations before you can actually get your firearm. You can look for firearms in the police station. You can also look for a gun in military tents.

Try to start a fire: 

Building a fire will keep you warm even during the cold weather. It will save you even if you do not have sufficient warm clothes. Using a fire, you will also be able to cook meat. Always try to build a fire in a secluded location so that you are able to stay away from your enemies. However, building a fire isn’t really child’s play. You need to know how exactly you should build a fire and for that, you would need a lot of items including paper, sticks and rags. Only then will you be able to create a proper fire for yourself. 

Try killing the zombies: 

Zombies are an extremely annoying part of the game. During the initial versions of the game, the zombies did not pose any threat to the players. They could only cause you a lot of disturbance. That is why the players always tried to kill them as soon as possible. They were also quite easy to kill. You just needed to punch them in the head. However, with the new update, zombies have become a huge threat. However, you can still kill the zombies by using your weapons.

So, these were some of the most crucial tips that will help you to win in DayZ. If you think we have missed out on anything important, do let us know of it.

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