What is VPS Hosting: Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting in 2020

What is VPS Hosting

What is VPS Hosting

Want to Know about What is VPS Hosting: virtual private server hosting is a new type of hosting that lies between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. VPS hosting providers actually grant a specific server’s space to the customers called virtual private server. What is VPS Hosting, Virtualization software is being used by hosting companies to provide VPS hosting services to the customers. More people are moving towards VPS hosting because of its unavoidable features and services to the customers.

Here You come to know about What is VPS Hosting. The customers always want to get the best service for their business at the most inexpensive rates. However, there are still some advantages and limitations of every service. There are also some pros and cons of virtual private server hosting. The pros and cons of VPS hosting in 2020 are as follow.

Pros of VPS Hosting

There are a lot of advantages that are attracting the people towards VPS hosting services for their online businesses. The significant benefits of virtual private server hosting are following,

Less Expensive than Dedicated Hosting

virtual private server hosting provides the complete access of virtual server to the customer just like in dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is much expensive for the small businesses and virtual private server hosting only requires the money according to the features necessary for the website. The customers will pay for the features that are required for hosting the site on virtual private server hosting. That is why the VPS hosting is less expensive as compared to dedicated hosting and provides the services just like dedicated hosting through virtual servers.

Complete Access in Customer’s hands

In shared hosting, the server is being shared by different customers. That is why no customer can get full access to the server. In virtual private server, specific server’s space is dedicated to every customer, and each virtual server runs its own copy of operating system so the customer will get the complete access to the virtual server by the hosting service providers. The entire access granted to the customer means that the customer can customize the server according to the needs of the customers and customer can change the operating system to make hosting compatible with their applications to run worldwide.

Better Performance

The customers will get better performance through virtual private server hosting because of dedicated resources. In shared hosting, the customers would be sharing the resources of the same server with each other. In virtual private server hosting, the resources are dedicated to each customer using the virtual server for their websites and the traffic of other customers’ site will not affect the performance of your virtual server. The website will not be affected by the traffic on other websites of the server and virtual private server hosting will provide the best performance to the customers.

Dedicated Resources to Each Customer

Every customer using virtual private server hosting has the dedicated resources of the server that are not being shared by any other customer using the server. The dedicated resources are the best source of providing reliable services and high performance of the website. The customers enjoy high performance using virtual private server hosting through dedicated resources for each customer’s site. The customers do not share resources that can affect the performance of an application running on the virtual server.

Cons of VPS Hosting

When there are benefits, then there are always some disadvantages. There are different disadvantages of virtual private server hosting, and the major drawbacks of virtual private server hosting service are as follow.

Expensive than Shared Hosting

VPS hosting is less expensive than dedicated hosting, but it is much more expensive than the shared hosting services. New Startups are unable to pay for virtual private server hosting because of the start of the business. The small businesses will go for shared hosting that could meet their requirements instead of VPS hosting because virtual private server hosting is much expensive as compared to shared hosting.

Technical Knowledge Required

In VPS hosting, the customers do not get a complete server, but the customer is handling a virtual server. The customer is unable to configure the virtual server until or unless he is not aware of technical knowledge of the servers. The customers must have the technical expertise to configure the server. Without professional knowledge and experience, the customer cannot configure the server.

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Resources Not Allocated

In VPS hosting service, the customers get dedicated support for their website. Sometimes, the virtual private server hosting providers oversells the virtual accounts and resources might be shared between different customers. It will affect the performance of every customer using virtual space over the same server. That is why you must know how many virtual accounts are being hosted on the same server by hosting service providers. It will give you the information that each customer can share the resources of virtual private server hosting accounts.


VPS hosting providers show benefits of hosting services more than their disadvantages. The customers must know the advantages and disadvantages of virtual private server hosting before buying the services from hosting providers to make a better decision about their business.

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