5 Tips to Get More Guests to Book at Your Hotel

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Hotel business are some of the most profitable businesses around today. But they are also in one of the most competitive industries. With the arrival of different online platforms that offer lodging and homestay, hotels are finding ever more difficult to stand out and attract more bookings. Without proper hotel financing options at your disposal, you as a hotel owner will not be able to effectively overcome competitive challenges. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or re-launching your operation as a new brand, you need to be creative in developing and executing your marketing strategies. While it’s still helpful that you list your business on available online directories, it’s often not enough, considering that most of your competitors are becoming more innovative and resourceful with their marketing.

So, what should you as an inn keeper do? Here are some tips that can help you attract more bookings at your hotel:

Stay on Top of Your SEO

In today’s world, your hotel’s online presence is everything. Virtually everyone turns to the internet in search of a perfect hotel to stay in during their visit to your local area. In fact, travelers are now more compelled than ever before to do their research for an ideal place to stay, prior to booking a trip.

By mastering search engine optimization (SEO), you can position your hotel so it appears on the first page of an internet search page, (SERPs) which can only increase your bookings.

SEO is a useful tool that can position your hotel’s website so it is visible over that of your competitors to potential guests. Subsequently, your optimization team should focus on following the SEO basics such as creating rich and relevant content, relevant keyword use, and less website loading time.

When it’s all said and done, the more efficient your website’s SEO is, the greater the chances are you’ll generate more online traffic to your website.

Be on Social Media Platforms

In addition to having a website, setting up your hotel business on social media can also help attract guests and generate revenue for you as well.

Since almost every person in the country is on social media, putting your hotel in social media will make it easier for you to reach your target audience. If you’re not using social media yet, now is the time to start.

However, establishing your hotel business on social media  won’t be effective unless you monitor and maintain it on an ongoing basis. It’s best you assign and have a person who is solely dedicated to managing your hotel’s social media accounts, post fresh content on it from time to time.

Launching a hotel blog that constantly links back to your social media is an effective marketing activity is a proven traffic generator.

Maintain Great Customer Service

If there’s one thing people will remember your hotel for, it’s the way your employees and staff handle them. If they feel welcome, they’re more likely to become repeat guests as well as recommend your establishment to friends, family and associates.

Furthermore, having great customer service is also a useful tool to generate positive reviews. Hotel guests talk and when they comment in a positive manner online, you can be assured thousands of people will see it. On the other hand, a single negative review can cause your sales to take a huge dip. So, be sure to handle the concerns of your guests as tactfully and professionally as possible.

Offer Loyalty Programs

Customers want to be valued and appreciated when they check in to the hotel. After all, they’re paying for hospitality, and it’s best they feel valued and appreciated. Establishing a loyalty program will help you with that aspect. Once the guests have arrived, have your staff talk about your loyalty program to encourage them to join.

Customers love freebies. The more they receive, the more they will remain loyal to your brand. So, if you establish a loyalty program, be consistent in your promotional incentives. By doing so, you’ll create loyalty and increase the probability of them returning back to stay at your hotel whenever they’re in your area.  

Encourage Your Guests to Leave Reviews

Whether someone is looking for place to stay during a layover or a vacation, customers are more likely to check reviews of a hotel prior to making a reservation.

With that said, encourage your current customers to leave a review regarding their experience at your hotel. To further prompt them, offer an incentive such as a discount if they follow through.

Online reviews can also serve as a way for you to gauge whether there is any area of your operation that needs to be improved upon. Reviews will also give you a chance to determine what the needs of your guests are and let you know if modifications need to take place in order to improve the experience they receive while staying at your hotel.  

Take Advantage of Hotel Financing and Book More Guests

Marketing a hotel business involves a lot of promotional tools and strategies, and in order to be successful, does require you to have an adequate budget to do so.

Hotel financing is a great way to acquire the back-up funding you need, as it will allow you to bring your marketing plans to life, without hurting your hotel’s cash flow.

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