Step-By-Step Guide To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

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The top question amidst all the prospective laptop buyers is undoubted- ‘things to consider when buying a laptop?’, ‘Which is the best laptop?’ Given the number of laptops launched each month, there can be no one-word answer to this question. Even within a given price range and specifications, there are so many choices available today that making your pick becomes quite difficult unless you have some technical knowledge or expertise in the area.

Most laptop brands produce their products, keeping a particular user niche in mind. For instance, if you are gamer, your options will be different from buying a laptop only for academic purposes. Finding which laptop is best, changing your query to which can best meet your specific needs, can help you make a better buying decision. Even though you may not be a tech wizard, no one can understand your needs better than you. So before you take your search to the sale kiosk, a bit of research coupled with some expert tips can go a long way in ensuring that you are happy with your choice.

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Let us find out some of these important tips:

Size And Weight Of The Laptop

It takes no genius to understand that size and weight are important considerations for a laptop. While you can upgrade the operating system, change the RAM and ROM, your laptop’s size will remain constant throughout. So you must ponder on this aspect carefully. After all, you opt for a laptop and pay a higher price than a PC because it is portable and can carry it with you. Most laptops vary from 11.5 inches to 17.5 inches.

If portability is your priority, it is best to opt for a small and lightweight model. But if you are someone who mostly keeps your laptop in a single place and enjoys working and watching your shows on a wider screen, you can opt for the high-end laptops without a second thought. Again, if you want long battery life and higher-end graphics, you will undoubtedly have to go for the mid-sized to large devices.

Screen Type

In today’s era, we are virtually stuck to our systems almost for our entire day. It is important to ascertain that the screen quality is good, and it does not hurt the users’ eyes. So ensure that you go through the screen of your shortlisted laptops carefully. You may try staring at the screens for a minute or so. Excessively glossy and bright screens may be a drawback if you plan to work for long hours.

Another interesting screen feature in many of the laptops that have been launched in 2020 is touch sensitivity. Today, many of the latest models feature a touch screen option that makes navigation through your device easier than ever. However, given that touchscreen laptops are costlier than traditional models, you must carefully consider how likely you are to use this feature and make your decision accordingly. Some other additional screen features that you should consider include in-place switching and response time.


If you working in field that requires long hours of typing or planning to make your notes and thesis through your laptop, it is important to consider the keyboard’s quality. An extremely tight-packed keyboard or one that is too large for your fingers to stretch over can both translate as poor user experience. Make sure laptop that you choose has intelligently spaced and full-sized keys. You may even try out typing a few sample lines before making a purchase. Further, opting for a backlit keyboard may also serve you well to enable you to work in the dark.


The processor is the heart of your laptop. It is important to ensure that it can handle multitasking and several programs running together with ease. Even if you do not possess a high technical knowledge level, you can check out the stickers printed on your device and Google them for reviews. It is important to consider what level of performance you want as the highly sophisticated processors are costlier than the mid-performance ones.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Gone are days when you could depend on an 8GB RAM to perform all your tasks. Now everyone is switching to 16GB or even more. The higher the RAM, the more number of applications you can run at the same time. Further, a high RAM laptop is also necessary for a smoother gaming experience.

Hard Disk Storage

There is no end to number of things that you want to store on your laptop. Added to that, storage also plays a role in enhancing the performance. An extremely cluttered system will undoubtedly make your laptop slow. So make the storage decision wisely.

Final Verdict 

Keeping these simple factors in mind, you can become your expert and select the right laptop without help from others. Also, keep a specific budget in mind so that you do not end up over-spending. Happy tech-shopping! 

Sophia has been writing articles for the 2+ years on technical and non-technical content for various websites. Apart from writing she loves to cook and spend free time with her family.
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