Which are the Most Demanded Cloud Certifications for 2020

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No other area of IT has gained so much interest than cloud computing with hype and investment during the past years of developing the technology. There are different meanings for the end-users in terms of cloud computing. There is no doubt that cloud computing is now the most acceptable feature of global companies, service providers and end-users. Every organization likes to shift its fundamental services to cloud computing. No matter what size is of the business, it likes to shift on the cloud for many reasons.

Cloud computing attracts considerable coverage and attention from service providers and companies. There are various cloud-related products, certifications, and services offered by these companies such as VMware, Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services.

Forbes published an article regarding the current cloud computing landscape. This article summarizes many key statistics. Forbes also discussed the future of the companies which are working on cloud-based services. Do you know about the most prominent player in cloud-computing? It’s none other than “Amazon”. Amazon Web Services has gained an incredible growth of 43%.

According to a survey by Wikibon, AWS should cross 43 billion dollars by 2022. AWS is closely being followed by Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure platform.

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Why you should get cloud certification?

According to industry analyst, IDC (the International Data Corporation), the cloud has grown much faster than previously predicted. The cloud has got a rise of 23.2 percent due to new projections of spending on cloud infrastructure and services in 2019. It also rose up to 160 billion dollars in 2019.

According to a prediction made by international data corporation, we will be able to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.9% by 2021. Another estimation says that spending will increase to $277 billion on cloud services. The number of cloud computing is very high in an era where global GDP is at 4.2% and America’s economy is growing at less than 3 percent. For 2019, the cloud certification includes both vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certifications from some top players in the market. The cloud users usually prefer vendor-specific certifications to stay on the safe side. Certification providers are supposed to fill the gap by introducing certificates and courses according to market requirements and technology advancement.

If you are a cloud professional, you can earn a very attractive income. According to SimplyHired, you can earn up to 75,000 dollars annually as a cloud administrator. You can earn more than a cloud administrator if you are a cloud developer. On average, cloud developers are earning 118,000 billion dollars annually. The biggest winners in this field are cloud architects by making average annual earnings of $129,469 which reaches up to $179,115

AWS Certified Solutions Architect⁠—Professional:

In May 2013, Amazon launched the AWS certification program. At all levels of its certification, the AWS program offers role-based credentials along with several specialty certifications. The levels of certification are foundations, associate and professional. Currently, these are the levels for which the program is offering role-based credentials. The main focus of the AWS certification is to prepare the candidates for architect, operations and developer roles.

Now, let’s talk about AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional. This certification targets professionals whose expertise is in networking along with more than 2 years’ experience. It specifically demands the experience of designing and deploying a cloud environment on Amazon Web Services.

An AWS professional evaluates the plan, needs, and design solutions to meet the requirements of his client. He is supposed to meet up with the given requirements. An AWS architect professional recommends an architect for the implementation and provisioning of AWS applications. Providing assistance, guidance and help in case of any hurdle or difficulty is the core duty of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional throughout the life and duration of the projects.

This certification demands an active candidate who is willing to learn quality knowledge. He should have quality knowledge of different topics that include business continuity and high availability.

Other things crucial for this certification are costing and deploying management. Other than the qualities discussed above, a candidate should have knowledge of network designing. He should have knowledge of how to handle and secure the amount of data.

Along with other qualities of AWS certified solutions architect professionals, there are many others as well. To handle and defeat the crises, every business must have elasticity and scalability. He must have the latest and advanced knowledge of cloud migration as he has to work on the cloud. There are more and more technologies that are combining with advancements. It is better if A responsible candidate has the knowledge of a Hybrid Architect.

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