7 Insightful Video Marketing Tips for 2020

Video Marketing

The business has become smarter and more expansive over the past few years. Thanks to technology, we can now have the best of services and brands available to us in a matter of minutes. You can get almost anything online. The best way to monetize your idea and build a venture is to advertise it on the internet with Video Marketing. However, plain old blog posts and text content won’t do. The customers want something more than that. Try incorporating video, images, and infographics in your content to make it more palatable.

Top video marketing tips for the year that you should try out

Videos are more comfortable to consume

Videos are an overall better medium for Video Marketing than plain content. This is because, in video-based ads, the customers can enjoy the dual benefits of audio and video. And unlike text posts and blogs, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and effort in understanding the message. Videos are hence a more natural, better and far more exciting form of brand promotion.

Videos have become popular over the earlier years. About 83% of the marketers and industry experts believe that digital branding has become the next big thing on the internet. This has driven more traffic to websites and also contributed to customer engagement and conversion rates immensely.

Advertisements are video-centric

Because of the increase in the appeal of video content, even the plain ads posted by Google and other search engines are becoming video-centric. Social media has become one of the biggest platforms where people view video-based content. If you want your brand to become more visible and accessible, then enhance its social media ranking. Also, try adding sound and subtitles to your video. This would expand its reach and make it approachable to a broader demographic. People from all over the world can now check your content out, irrespective of their nationality and language.

Facebook is the most lucrative platform

Facebook has been a social media giant for quite some time now. And looking at the current trends and numbers, it is safe to say that Facebook will continue ruling the social media scene. More than half the people spend their time on Facebook. Also, the platform is no longer just a place to meet new people and post. It has introduced unique aspects for eCommerce that have helped entrepreneurs widen their reach. You can create local ad campaigns, focus on your target demographic and more on Facebook.

YouTube is a growing space for video content

YouTube is another vast and growing space for video content. The platform has become one of the most engaging and accessible video streaming platforms on the internet. Anyone can upload content online. Also, it doesn’t cost a dime for people to view content on YouTube. The markets earn money by collaborating with brands. Business holdings and brands approach the popular content creators on social media. These people were chosen because of their online presence, followers and general appeal. Influencer marketing is a massive part of video-based advertising. Studies have proved that over half the marketers online will want to turn to influencers when it comes to promoting their services.

7 Insightful Video Marketing Tips for 2020

The increasing popularity of social media stories

One of the latest trends in social media is the stories that we see these days. Almost every platform from Facebook to WhatsApp and even Instagram has now incorporated this feature on its platform. These stories are temporary and last for but 24-hours. Plus, after 24-hours, the accounts automatically get deleted. This is a choice for people who want to post short-term video-based campaigns.

Social media stories are a lucrative way to spread the message for a short while. Also, social media stories engage more customers and have overall more visibility. You can even check the number of people who have viewed your stories. People can also send you messages and reactions personally

Always add text tags and descriptions

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of online businesses that you should consider. In this day and age, only having a website is not enough. There the number of sites on the internet has increased at a drastic pace. It is effortless for your posts to get lost in this influx of content. Now, search engines have an ingenious way of ranking and analyzing websites. Having a high SEO rank would mean you have more visibility online.

Now, search engines cannot real graphic content. Always add text tags and plain text descriptions to make the content accessible. Google, for instance, can read video content only when you back it up with specifications.

Customers prefer a personalized approach

There was a time when generic advertisements would work in keeping the customer invested. Today, we see an increase in the need for specialization. People now demand more personalized content that caters to all their needs. This increase in appeal for customization has fashioned the recent marketing trends of the time. If you have video-based campaigns, ensure that it is optimized for mobile phones.

More and more people have been using mobile phones for their online browsing needs. Ecommerce ventures have to pull up their socks and become more compatible with mobile devices. Ensure that your content adjusts with the screen size and resolution of the invention. Also, have a look at the demand metrics to determine the trends of the industry. Have a good idea about what the customer wants and offer the same to them.

The bottom line

Video ads are a great source of revenue for your business. They are eye-catching, engage more customers, and give you better leads for sale conversions. And contrary to popular belief, video content doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise as well. You need to master a few platforms and apps for editing and you’re sorted. Affordable, intuitive, user-friendly and straightforward, video marketing is a practical choice. 

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