Importance of Social Media Handles for Your Business and Brand

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Social Media Handles: In this digital world, it has become important for businesses to make people feel that they need a product or service they sell. And this can only be done only with effective marketing. Customers need will drive them to make a purchase of your business product or service. Businesses can use various mediums for marketing their brand and earning the customer’s trust but it will be more beneficial for them if they use those mediums that customers trust the most these days and that is social media handles. 

Nowadays millions of people have internet access, as of October 2019, there were around 4.48 billion active internet users worldwide (which simply means that 58% of the global population have internet access), hence it becomes important for businesses to develop a strong front on the internet. While social media penetration is increasing continually worldwide, one of the most popular online activities is social media usage as people use and trust it madly nowadays. More than 2.65 billion people were active on one or other social media handle in 2018 worldwide, this number is projected to increase to 3.1 billion by 2021.

Consistent Social Media Presence: Why Businesses Must Concentrate on Having the One? 

The business entrepreneur needs to pay attention to development for their business. Business development can be categorized in various categories like developing brand awareness, improving customer engagement, beating the fierce competition, and so on. They also need to pay attention to enhancing their social media as it can help them to develop business and achieving the targeted objectives earlier as never before. 

According to the eMarketer report, approximately one-third of the population use social media handles regularly. Thus it provides huge opportunities for the business. If they avoid developing their brand presence on various social media handles then they will surely lose huge opportunities that are waiting on their way. 

Your customer’s life revolves around various social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and many others. Hence it becomes vital for businesses to pay attention to developing their brand presence on all these handles. However, in one of the surveys, almost 92% of businesses responded that social media handles play a vital role when it comes to boosting their business growth. 

Social Media Handles: Know What It Offers for Your Business?  

By developing strong social media presence businesses can not only improve their online presence but can be visible in front of more customers. They need to put the needed efforts and time on social media handles for the marketing purpose, this can help them to gain endless benefits for their business like: 

  • Helps businesses to develop memorable handle for their brand.
  • Makes it easier for your customers to find your brand online. 
  • Provide all the information about your brand to customers whenever they want. 
  • Provide cleaner printed marketing materials for your brand. 
  • Offers a professional way of marketing your brand. 

The benefits don’t end here there are many more to explore, let’s explore each of them to know what businesses can gain if they pay attention to improving their presence on different social media handles. 

Build Loyalty

Nowadays when customers want to know anything about the brand or about their product or service then they will move to social media handle. And if customers don’t find any of the social media accounts of the particular brand then there might be the chances that they won’t trust that brand. 

If customers get the information that they are seeking for then they will definitely trust your brand, hence to provide transparency and developing trust, businesses need to focus on developing a strong presence for their brands on one of the social media handles or can have a presence on all the handles. Transparency and trust are two vital weapons to develop customer loyalty. 

Provide Insight into Your Customers 

Businesses who want to know their customers can utilize the power of social media handles. By having insight into customer’s information businesses can know them in a better manner. They can know at what time customers mostly get online, what they like to purchase the most, in which the world they mostly like to live in and many other things about their ideal customers can be known with the help of social media handles.

Now businesses need not have to spend days after consumer research, as every information of the customers is automatically collated for your brand. Using these useful information businesses can develop effective social media and marketing strategies, this can help them to achieve the targeted goals for their business in very lesser time. This information can also let you know at which location you should open your brand next and whom you can target in that area. 

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Enhance Traffic and Conversion

Social media handles help most of the brands to enhance their traffic and conversion. With the help of social media handles, businesses can provide an effective and easy way for the customers using which they can reach their business site and can make the purchase they want to make. Using social media handle like Facebook which is expected to be one of the biggest social networks worldwide as it has more than 2.45 billion monthly active users businesses can reach the number of customers and can drive a huge amount of traffic to their site and can also convey them by interacting with them. 

Businesses can create product tags and can link them directly to the site from where customers can buy the product. Social networks also allow businesses to share their websites link in the bio or by different posts that features their newly launched product or service. 

Hence businesses that want to drive traffic to their business site and enhance their conversation with the customers should surely use social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others, all these social media sites have a huge audience base to offer to the businesses. 

Things to Be Considered While Boosting Your Presence on Social Media Handles

Businesses have to consider various things when they start utilizing the power of various social media handles. let’s have a quick glimpse to know which are those points that have to be considered by the businesses: 

  • Use business or domain names while developing the account on social media. 
  • Keep your brand name short and sweet on social handles. 
  • If businesses deal with customer services then they have to add ask and help to their business account. 

Can Social Media Handles Boost Your Business Growth? 

Yes, it can. Nowadays a significant amount of social media activities are carried out by businesses to attract new and retain customers. They have understood the importance of social handles and have started using it for enhancing their customer base which will directly affect their business sales and profit margins. 

Those businesses who are not yet using any of the social media handles for their business are losing numerous benefits and opportunities for their business. Businesses who fail to have a presence on social handle these days have to put shutters down to their business. And if you do not want to part of it then start using social media handles for enhancing your business visibility and profit ratio.  

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