How Social Media Localization Can Facilitate Your Global Expansion

Social Media Localization

Nobody can deny the massive potential of social media platforms. Specifically in this day and age, where most people spend plenty of time using different social media platforms, you must leverage its potential to generate more leads. Using social media strategically can boost your revenue and assist in easy and rapid expansion into global markets. If you want to be a notable part of the digital world, you need more than a multilingual website. The social media presence of your brand matters a lot. Social Media Localization can make or break your global image. Therefore, if you are planning to go global, you must think of localizing your social channels

Localization helps in expanding your business and creates brand awareness across international markets which results in generating more leads and revenue. Doing your business in local context means demonstrating in the locality’s dominant language, innovating the products in a way that attracts potential customers and dealing with clients at a personalized level. Social media is a very vast marketing tool, using which you can tap into any global markets. You can reach your prospective customers around the globe and you can enjoy convincing them to buy your product. If you want your business to be globally recognized, it is necessary to hire a localization company that can tailor your Facebook posts into different localized languages.

Billions of people connect to the internet on a daily basis, by sharing, re-tweeting, commenting and liking. Half of these interactions are done in local dialects. This is why we cannot deny the importance of social media localization. 

Still in doubt? Not sure whether you should localize your social media or not? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

5 different ways in which localizing your social channels

Boosts Traffic and Followers

Want to increase your Instagram followers? Need some tips to get more followers on your Facebook business page? Well, simple it is. Localize your content and tailor it as per the interests of your core audience. The more customized experience you provide, the more followers you get. When people see that social media pages are in their native language, their interest in your brand and product increase. They get more engaged with the brands that communicate in their local language. It is observed that most of the potential customers feel comfortable when they see all the product information in their mother language. Furthermore, you get more clicks and more audience on your website when you localize your content as per their local nuances.

Keeps your Audience Engaged 

Around 75 percent of internet users don’t speak English. If you want to reach potential customers and enhance brand awareness globally than you must utilize your resources to connect with non-English speaking users and generate new leads. If your website is localized it connects you with your audience and develops a strong bond. It is a matter of common observation that people are more prone to visit and buy products from the site which speaks their native language because information on products in their own language helps them to make more rational choices. 

If you post on social media only in one language than the people who don’t understand it will not feel confident interrogating about your product. For example, a Brazilian customer who doesn’t understand English has a choice to buy from your competitors if you are speaking to them in Portuguese. Social media localization helps you to listen to customer’s feedback in different languages and then with the assistance of a translation company, you can reply to them in their native language. Simply stated, you can improve customer engagement via localization of your social platforms.

Results in Effective Advertisement

Crafting an ad in English and then expecting Non-English speakers to translate it using online translators is absurd. Their translation can mislead them because they do word to word translation which ruins the essence of the ads. Also, nobody bothers to translate the ad, and most of them would prefer to skip it if it is not in their understandable language. Therefore, if you want to target different markets, it is essential to customize your ads for them and for that you need assistance from localization experts. With professional assistance, you can modify ads for different regions, according to their culture, language preferences, and customer behavior and get the desired results. 

Enhances Brand Image 

If you localize your content on Facebook and Instagram, it will make customers feel valued and they will feel connected. You can also make Tutorial of your products and post on social media which will make customers feel that your company has customer’s preferences in mind. If your content is not in multiple languages for all your consumer base, many of them will feel left out. This can ruin your reputation among your audience and they may give negative online reviews. Note that customers like to feel special and appreciated. Those who follow your brand on social media must have an understanding of your brand and products in a better way and that’s only possible if you break the language barrier. Communicate with them in their preferred language; it will make you a credible choice for them. 

Provides a Competitive Advantage

If you haven’t localized your digital presence in the global industry than it is time to catch up otherwise you will lag behind. Localizing your social channels will provide you with endless opportunities to generate revenues from foreign markets. It will help you to communicate with multinational markets and keep them engaged.  As per the report realized by the California State University of Chicago, 65% of multinational companies believe that localization of social media is important for boosting revenue. Thus, localizing your social media will help in effective communication. Also, it will provide you with a competitive edge over the others and it will be easy for you to build your global presence. 

Final Verdict

The irrefutable power of social media can boost your business. If used appropriately, it can assist your global success. All you need to do is localize your social platforms and go for multilingualism so that you can target multiple markets at the same time. Adapting Social Media Localization is a very effective approach to reach a diverse range of audiences around the globe. In this way, you can keep your old customers engaged and entice new ones to connect with you. Don’t think much, hire a localization expert, localize your social media and boost your journey to long-term global success.  

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Olivia is a graduate in Communication Studies from a reputed university and works as a copywriter for various UK and US-based clients. She believes that content is the game changer and loves expressing simple ideas in an innovative way to develop readers’ interest.
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