How to Select an NBN Provider?

NBN Provider

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an excellent way to get a reliable, high-speed internet connection at your home or office. NBN Provider is made available by various local and international providers such as Harbour ISP, Tangerine, and Vodafone. The following are a few points you should remember and consider before you select a service provider.

Things to notice about NBN Provider

1> Connection Technology

Even though NBN is available across Australia, the connection available to your premise can be via fiber optic cable, existing copper cable, or pay-TV cable network. The type of connection depends on your area and currently, you don’t have a choice in selecting it. Depending on these types, the speed of the network varies with fiber optic being the fastest NBN connection.

NBN is also available wireless similar to a 4G phone network and using Sky Muster satellite for remote regions such as Norfolk Island. For satellite connections, look for local providers since big-name providers might not provide you with a good value.

2> Speed Plans

There are 4-speed tiers that are available under NBN. Depending on your connection type, the highest speed setting will be decided. For all wired connections, all four connections with a maximum of 100 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload speed is available. For satellite connections, 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload is the maximum speed. Check your service provider’s peak period traffic report to get an idea of how good their actual speed is.

3> Data Packs and Unlimited Plans

Service providers offer unlimited plans on most connection types except the Sky Muster satellite. Figure out your needs and see which one works for you the best. For large households, an unlimited connection is a great option but for single users who can track their use, a limited data pack plan should work.

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4> Research

Don’t get lazy by electing your current broadband provider to switch to an NBN connection. Instead, you should research a little more about their NBN performance and compare it with other service providers on the basis of speed, charges, and customer service. You can even go to the ACCC website to check their performance ratings.

5> Extra Services

NBN replaces the existing telephone network. This is why many service providers offer a landline-like phone connection for a few extra dollars. Ask the service provider the additional cost incurred. But before you say yes, assess the need for a landline, especially when most mobile plans today offer unlimited calling and texting across Australia.

6> Long-Term Contract vs. Monthly Payment This is something that depends a lot on the service provider and the area. Many NBN plans are offered to users with a 24-month contract with discounts and a free modem. These offers might look tempting but it is recommended to research their service before you sign on the dotted line. You can even take a monthly plan initially to see the provider’s performance and then opt for a long term plan. It saves you from paying penalties in case you need to discontinue their service before the term.

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