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Money Blogging

Money Blogging has now become very popular for people looking to make money online. There are millions of blogs created daily, but millions of blogging newbies with a mindset and mental attitude of making money with their blogs fail mainly because of the reasons below:

  • Their only motivation is Making Money(Money Blogging).
  • They don’t concentrate on the quality of their articles.
  • They only think of overnight success.

There are more such reasons why they don’t succeed in the field of Blogging! Failure is frequent because they don’t understand what is Blogging. No one can explain “What is Blogging?”!, but here are some quotes that talk about Blogging:

Blogging is a conversation not a code – Mike Butcher (TECHCRUNCH EDITOR)

A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation – Andrew Michael Sullivan (British Political Commentator, Editor, Author, and Blogger)

I have shared 3 Quotes on Blogging that I love. I would also like to summarise how I interpret these quotes on Blogging.

Blogging is not just a code or formula, it is beyond that, it is a channel for expressing ourselves to the whole world.  A Blog is a type of conservation that has no end till you stop writing articles or stop blogging. It can only be learned by doing it and by reading other bloggers. It is a continuous experiment.

Post’s Topic is on Money Blogging!

Money Blogging is nothing but Blogging for Money or Making Money from Blogging to a Profitable Medium(i.e.Money Blogging). Each and every Blogger tries in some way or other to make their Blog a Profitable Medium (i.e.Money Blogging) whether it may be to earn extra dollars for their hobbies or to earn their full-time living from it.

Tips for successful Money Blogging

There are several programs/ways to do money blogging. A very well-known program is Google Adsense used in an ‘n’ number of Blogs. There’re ‘n’ millions of blogs that make money with the Google Adsense Program. Google Adsense comes under the category of Ad Networks. Next Comes the Affiliate Programs, another good approach for Making Money out of your Blog. Next Comes the Paid Reviews or Paid Posts. Below I have discussed different approaches to making money out of your blog.

*Tip #1 for Money Blogging – Ad Networks:*

Ad Networks are the most/best/first preferred approach by webmasters/geeks/bloggers to do money blogging with their blog. There are a lot of Ad Networks to go with but very few are chosen to go with because of their “Brand Name” and the “Trust” assigned to them by everyone. Here I have listed a few of the Ad Networks that really pay you:

  • Google Adsense
  • Chitika
  • Info Links
  • Buy Sell Ads

Tip #2 for Money Blogging – Affiliates/Referral Programs:

This is the second approach/way through which the webmasters do Money Blogging with their blog because they are being paid for the sales made through them. If you have a huge reader circle in your niche or a very popular Brand for your Blog/Website with High Traffic, especially from guys/gals of the same niche then you’re set to make a huge sum of money with your blog. Here I have listed some of the Affiliate Sites that will pay you without worries.

  • Money Blogging with Amazon Associates: You are paid if someone buys a product from Amazon by clicking the link from your Blog/Website.
  • Money Blogging with Envato Marketplaces Affiliates: You are paid when someone buys a theme, project files, music, and graphics from the Envato Marketplaces via your referral id. That includes Themeforest, Videohive, Audiojungle, Graphicriver, or other products from any of the Envato Marketplaces.
  • Money Blogging with others such as Thesis Affiliate Program, HostGator Affiliate Program, and more.

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Tip #3 to do Money Blogging – Pay-Per-Review / Pay-Per-Post Programs:

It is the third approach/way of the Money Blogging webmaster because they are 99.9% guaranteed. Though they have the ability to make a few thousand dollars monthly for writing reviews on their blog, it is not advisable because the reviews that are written for money may look fake and even if they add a disclosure in their review and backlink to the advertiser, it may make your blog look like spam for search engines, which will result in loss of traffic and may have an adverse effect on the Site’s Search Engine Ranking. But if you’re very determined to do Money Blogging this will work and it will make you a few thousands of dollars monthly if and only if you have a blog with a good Alexa rank, upwards of 50K in the World. Here I have listed the websites that can provide paid content for you:

  • LinkWorth

In this article, I have discussed 3 kinds of approaches with which you can do Money Blogging effectively. In conclusion, if you’re interested in Making Blogging the first choice is Ad Network, otherwise if you’re not concerned about traffic from Search Engines the first preferred choice for making money fast is Pay-Per-Review/Pay-Per-Post Programs.

The Best Blogger is not someone who Make Thousands Dollars. The Best Blogger is someone who is being talked by the Readers of his/her niche because of his/her content. Therefore content is your King!

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