The 5 Top Free Keyword Search Tools [2021 Update]

Keyword Search

Keyword search is a crucial part of developing an effective search engine optimization campaign and the bread-and-butter of digital marketing. Keyword research is not just about finding a “keyword” that you can incorporate into your content. Using keyword research tools can help you find relevant phrases and questions used by your target audience in seconds when searching for solutions, products, and services they need. It also provides you with an overview of the long-tail keyword, including feedback, search volumes, and competitive analysis to set you on track with your SEO campaign

Keywords should be targeted to the right type of traffic going through your website and convert web traffic into paying customers. People are not the only ones searching for keywords. Major search engines, like Google, will look for keywords in your web content and rank you for those terms.

There are various free keyword research tools you can use to help you collect important information. However, we will focus on the top 5 free and easy-to-use tools packed with valuable data that you can use to enhance your digital marketing approach.

Here are several free keyword search tools that will help you kick start your SEO journey:

Google Trends

If you want to see what search queries or keywords matter to your Google users, then Google Trends is for you. It is a free online app that helps you find and analyze the popularity of keywords by providing you with useful data on regional variations. For instance, if you want to rank “botox brow lift in Toronto,” you can use this tool to assess the seasonality and changing trends in search engine volumes using graphs.


  • Allows you to recognize the daily search trends and real-time search trends used by your target audience
  • Comes with different categories, such as people, news, beauty, athletes, food, fashion, etc.
  • Provides year-wise statistics
  • Gives you an idea of your target audience’s interests at a given time and a comparison of each search ranking
  • Automatically detects relevant topics based on your ideal customers’ search keywords
  • Has a drop-down menu, allowing you to shift between trending and most searched views.

Google Keyword Planner

Formerly known as Google Keyword Tool, Google Keyword Planner is a tool you can use to search for the best long-tail keywords. However, you need to have a Google Adwords account to use it. This keyword research tool can help you create and build search network campaigns, as well as pick competitive bids and budgets that suit your organization.


  • Provides users with ideas and web traffic forecasts
  • Allows you to search keywords based on phrases relevant to your business
  • offerings or website
  • Provides helpful stats that will guide you in making decisions for using a keyword for new or existing campaigns.
  • Enables you to add words, phrases or URLs
  • Comes with a list of average monthly searches
  • Provides visualizations by locations, platforms, and search volume trends
  • Allows you to download ideas suggested by the tool.


AnswerThePublic is a great tool that helps you discover related phrases around a particular root keyword in a nice visual format that might help improve your content and increase conversion rates. This keyword generator also provides user reports with data to demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaign. You do not need to create an account to use it. Simply type in the root keyword and wait for the list of search questions and suggested autocomplete searches in the search cloud. The tool breaks down the information into related questions, queries, prepositions by alphabetical order and related searches.


  • Allows you to discover 1500 PR keywords worldwide
  • Provides complete data visualization
  • Automatically provide content suggestions after entering the root keyword in the search textbox
  • Supports a wide range of languages


Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool created by Neil Patel that provides users with search volume data, keyword suggestions, keyword ranking difficulty, and more. Considered to be a reliable facilitator, Ubersuggest helps stimulate your creativity to promote your content and increase traffic. It also allows you to build an effective strategy to boost your website’s online presence, as well as brand awareness.


  • Generates unlimited number of keyword combination
  • Uses location-based data
  • Enables you to save and share keyword ideas with others
  • Generates targeted traffic by providing search results organized by the highest relevancy of your chosen keywords.
  • Provide traffic estimations of the people using your selected keywords through various traffic sources.

Keyword Sheeter

This useful free keyword research tool is designed to provide users with automatic suggestions from Google. The autocomplete data on trending search phrases ideas. While Keyword Sheeter does not provide search volume or other data, it can filter and quickly generate and export numerous keyword ideas.


  • Provides you with a large list of keywords in bulk
  • Offers ideas of low competition niches ideal for your blogs or articles
  • Provides keyword difficulty understanding so you will know if you should compete for a keyword.
  • Comes with “Negative” and “Positive” filters so you can avoid using negative keywords and focus on the relevant ones.

Keyword research is crucial for many SEO and PPC campaigns. While there are many free versions of keyword research tools, you need to have a clear understanding of how it works to make an effective SEO or PPC campaign. If you are a newbie in the SEO world, there are many top digital marketing agencies in Toronto that offer comprehensive services, from keyword research to website design not only in Vancouver but also for companies across Canada. Seeking help from professionals can help you become more educated with how SEO works and how choosing the right keywords or phrases can help you rank on the top position of Google.

Choosing the right tool for your keyword research can be a daunting task. However, the free tools listed above can help you get started without breaking the bank. Try them out effortlessly and without any costly monthly obligations.

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