The Top 5 Best CPUs For Your Computer in 2020

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Best CPUs: Knowing more about computers is pretty important, whether you are building your own, or ready to make an investment in one. And when it comes to computer power and performance, the CPU you have is essential. There are different CPU manufacturers with pretty intense tech competition out there. This can make finding the Best CPUs challenging.

Most would simply go with an Intel computer processor, which has many important components like logic gates, and much more. However, AMD also manufactures a pretty powerful CPU as well, like the Ryzen processor (third generation).

When it comes to CPUs, there are many very impressive processors, making it even harder to choose the best CPU in 2020. To help, we compiled list of our favorite CPUs across a few categories, like gaming and VR. Let’s take closer look at the top X best CPUs for your computer in 2020. 

1. Top Overall CPU

When it comes to the top best overall CPU on the market in 2020, the AMD Ryzen 9, 3900X is where it is at. Here’s what this CPU has to offer:

  • 12 core processor
  • 3.8GHz base
  • 4.6GHz boost
  • 105W TDP
  • 64MB cache

The AMD Ryzen 9 boasts great performance for all computer needs and wants. And for around $500, it is very comparable to what Intel has on the market in 2020. There are, however, a few potential drawbacks, like the lacking heatsink and single core performance. 

2. Best Easy Entry CPU

When it comes to entry level CPUs, the AMD Ryzen 3, 2200G is among the top choices. Here are a few key performance essentials:

  • 4 core processor
  • 3.5GHz base
  • 3.7GHz boost
  • 4MB cache
  • 65W TDP

The AMD Ryzen 3 is also very affordable for an entry level processor. You can pick up on Amazon for $100 for your next computer build. This entry level CPU is also great for gaming with playable 1080p.

This allows you to build out a gaming PC with little investment, but still able to get the performance needed. This CPU also has integrated graphics for casual gaming via a PC. Definitely worth the investment when you are just starting out building a gaming PC.

3. Best Gaming Processor

When you want to take step up from the entry level PC gaming system, you will need a higher performing CPU. This is where the AMD Ryzen 5, 3600X comes in for your novice gaming system build. Key aspects of this CPU include:

  • 6 core processor
  • 3.8GHz base
  • 4.4GHz boost
  • 32MB cache
  • 95W TDP

And this middle of the road CPU is fairly affordable for your gaming PC build at around $220 on Amazon. It boasts exceptional performance, and even includes a cooler component.

When comparing to the mid-range Intel Core i5, 9600K, the AMD CPU has very good multithreading performance for middle of the road gaming graphics. For the price it also stays competitive with increased instruction per clock (IPC) and greater clock speed. 

4. Best VR Processor

If you are looking into building a virtual reality (VR) system in 2020, the AMD Ryzen 7, 1800X can be definitely worth looking into. A few essentials this CPU boasts for VR include:

  • 8 core processor
  • 3.6GHz base
  • 4GHz boost
  • 95W TDP
  • 16MB cache

For just under $500, this VR CPU can be a great investment. It also has unique temperatures and a great multi-core performance. This CPU is possibly the top contender against the Intel Core i7, 7700K. The high core count of the AMD Ryzen 7 makes it a top choice for VR build enthusiasts. 

5. Top Performing Processor

When you look at top Best CPUs performance, the Intel Core i9, 9980XE still takes the cake. It is the best CPU out there, boasting these top essentials:

  • 18 core processor
  • 36 threads
  • 3GHz base
  • 4.4GHz boost
  • 24.75MB cache
  • 165W TDP

The downside, however, is that this CPU can cost you well over $2,000. But if you want top performance, the price tag is well worth it. The multi-core performance is at another level when it comes to CPUs. And it sits atop the HEDT stack. The 18 cores and 36 threads blows every other CPU out of the water.

In Conclusion . . . 

Finding the top best CPUs for your computer build in 2020 can be challenging. There are plenty of choices with plenty of price points available. The above can help you choose the best for your next PC build, whether you are gaming, jumping into VR, or just building a top performing PC.

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