How You Can Save Your Support Budget With a Chatbot


Today’s customers are discerning and exigent when selecting where to make a purchase. They are entitled to be so! Of course, they’ll expect top-quality customer support and service throughout their journey with customers.

However, what can a business do to ensure top-quality customer service when expanding rapidly? What is the best way to keep the high quality and speed of customer service without continuously hiring and training new employees?

The solution is to automate your assistance as much as you can, such as with chatbots.

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Chatbots: What are they, what is their purpose, and what is the way they function?

Chatbots are software that emulates human-like interactions with users via chat. It is available on apps, websites, or messengers. Imagine this as the role of a receptionist within a hotel. It welcomes guests and helps them settle.

You can create chatbots that handle FAQs, lead qualification, and various other fundamental tasks. Imagine the amount of time you’ll reduce by automating these tasks.

What is a customer care chatbot? Do I need one?

Chatbots for customer service is an application that utilizes AI and machine learning to address simple questions from customers via the business-oriented messenger. For instance, you can ask questions like “how do I add more users?” or “what is your pricing?”.

AI chatbots utilize available resources like FAQs or knowledge base articles to answer and address your customers’ questions. They can recognize and respond to multiple versions of the same question. They can be taught to provide instant answers with your preferred tone and voice.

It is essential to cut down on your costs for customer service and find more effective ways to increase the amount of customer service you provide.

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1. What is the best time to seek assistance with automatization?

It’s gratifying when your company grows because the product is expanding. The more users convert and continue to use the service in active use, the more significant problems the support team will face. In essence, it’s a perpetual loop of trying to keep up with the increase in demand without compromising the quality and speed of support you provide.

The support team will grow as well. However, this creates new challenges to be faced. More people mean more knowledge that can be transferred for onboarding, training, and onboarding.

It also means more staff who need to be managed, additional career opportunities to develop, more 1-1s to be leaders for managers, and an increase in communication. More hiring results in more hiring. Peter Drucker said these bloated companies to giant monsters requiring massive brains to coordinate organs and a ton of energy to stay alive.

To avoid creating an unsustainable situation and not turn a rapidly growing technology company into a solitary call center with thousands of disgruntled employees an excellent idea to try to automate your customer service to the greatest extent possible.

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2. Instantly respond

The cost of losing clients is high. You’ll waste money on marketing and leave the opportunity to earn profits to your rivals. Forbes reports that companies lose $75 billion yearly due to poor customer service. One of the main reasons which cause customers to cut off the relationship with a business is a long and unreasonably slow response time.

Thus, communicating with the company must be accessible and easy. However, it should also be quick. Install a chatbot to provide instant responses regardless of whether the customer is dealing with a nonstandard query; the bot will be able to:

to inform the customer of the length of time required to reply to the client;

Gather information ahead of time, i.e., the order or contract number, the reason for the request, the name, contact information, as well as other information that can assist the staff in solving the issue swiftly;

Transfer Chat to the appropriate department.

All Day

3. Your company can provide 24/7 customer service

If the team you’re working with isn’t available, the chatbot will help with queries and offer website links. However, if they cannot assist, the bot can provide your open hours to let you know when someone will be available.

If you notice that your bots are receiving lots of complex questions that require human interaction, In this case, you can create an “out of office” bot to be able to fill in whenever there’s no one to reply. This way, the user doesn’t have to wait to get a response, and your team will respond directly whenever they’re back.

It also reduces the cost of customer support.

It’s a simple fact A chatbot is only a fraction of what a company pays for the hiring and training a person-to-person support representative. According to research that has been compiled, the average ROI of chatbots is 1,275 percent (and this is just the support cost savings). It’s pretty impressive.


4. Sales

A chatbot can help reduce the time spent by your sales team by providing answers to questions frequently asked regarding products. In this way, your representatives can focus on more challenging tasks.

Make your sales reps’ spare time and “homework” when they explore every user’s needs in-depth to offer the best service. The chatbot will perform the pre-qualification by itself. It can:

discover the needs of prospects and what they’re looking for in a prospective buyer;

collect contact details;

Send the information to the correct agents.

A chatbot can increase the efficiency of your teams and take your users’ experience to an entirely new dimension! You need to split tasks between your chatbots and human agents smartly.

To assist you in setting up, Dashly created ready-to-use campaigns to make it easier for your teams to complete tasks.


5. It increases speed and efficiency

Customers will be delighted by the faster response time that you can offer. However, staff members will be grateful – instead of doing everything to provide the fastest response time, They can concentrate on the quality of the results from their interaction.

Your chatbot should be human and friendly.

Make sure you are careful when introducing your visitor to the product. The colder the lead and the more pressure you must place on them. Chatbots should be able to show your users that it’s available and available to assist them at any point in the customer’s journey.

Keep it polite. Also, you can employ images or GIFs as they can make communications more casual.

Final thought

Humanity is essential. Be honest and make clear that the user is speaking to a computer. Respect and trust are vital to any business.

This is not the only information provided by Dashly experts. Read five tips for chatbot set up and get the most from this tool!

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