Why Your Company Needs a Highly Skilled Data Storyteller

Data Storyteller

In this modern-day and age, businesses already incorporate various technological innovations in their processes. However, this means that they need to rely on accurate and timely data. Thus, after data is collected and transformed, the next thing that you need to do for your business is to extract value from it. Nevertheless, gaining meaningful insights from your data to make better business decisions can sometimes be challenging. This is where the expertise of a highly-skilled data storyteller proves to be beneficial.

Data Storytelling in Brief

Data storytelling involves three major components, which include your data, the visualisation, as well as the narrative. When you delve into storytelling with data for business, then a seasoned data storyteller will be able to help you most with the last two components mentioned. You need to be responsible for capturing accurate and up-to-date data that will be analysed through statistics and algorithms. From there, the data storyteller will create a graphical representation of the data to convey the information. In this way, you will be able to discover any underlying trends and patterns. Finally, a data storyteller will provide you with a narrative alongside the insights that you garner through the visualisation.

Reasons to Hire a Highly-Skilled Data Storyteller

  • Visual Appeal Creation

One of the primary reasons why your company needs a seasoned data storyteller is to create a visual appeal that will be easily digested.

Keep in mind that people are visual creatures, such that they tend to absorb information more rapidly when the data is presented in images, charts, or graphs.

Thus, with the visualisation and narration created by the data storyteller, you will be able to easily understand the data you are presented with.

  • Powerful Competitor Analysis

Another reason why your company needs to hire a professional data storyteller is for powerful competitor analysis. To ensure that your business thrives, you need to be a step ahead of your competitors. You will be able to achieve this by analysing your data and comparing it to your current marketing campaigns. The analysis and comparison will prove to be more effortless if you are presented with visually appealing data that you can easily interpret.

  • Boosts Client Communication and Engagement

Finally, a highly skilled data storyteller will be able to help you boost your client communication and engagement. Remember that the data you extract is not only meant for your analysis and interpretation but there are instances wherein this is presented to your clients as well.

They will be able to appreciate the data you are showing them more if it can be easily understood. On the other hand, you can also boost client engagement by promptly acting on the data that you have been presented with because you were able to gain good insight on the next steps that you should do based on your business data.

The Bottomline

Your company needs a highly skilled data storyteller because they are the ones who have the expertise in creating a visual appeal for your data. This will allow you to have a meaningful insight that can help you make better business decisions for your company. Alongside this, a seasoned data storyteller will also help you with competitor analysis and client communication. Both are vital for the success of your business.

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