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Best Movie Streaming Sites: MovieBox was once the most popular movie streaming app of all time, offering unlimited access to tons of movies for free. Sadly, the app has closed down, leaving millions of users up in the air. We have some great news, though there are plenty of alternatives that you can use instead of MovieBox. Few movie streaming sites are discussed here.

Top Ten Best Movie Streaming Apps 2020

There are thousands of streaming apps, so, to save you the time and effort, we went through and found ten apps that we think to offer great alternatives.


If you are a fan of anime, you need to try Viewster. This is one app that offers plenty of popular anime, including movies, TV shows, cartoons, and so much more. Being a free app, there are ads, but these do not interfere in your enjoyment. Viewster is also home to many shows you won’t find in many other apps. It is completely free to download and watch, and there is plenty of choices.


Kodi is one of the best-known names in the media streaming world. An open-source media center, Kodi offers a central point for you to store all your own media, including photos, movies, music, and more. However, by installing any of the hundreds of addons freely available on the internet, you can easily stream any content you like for free, including movies, shows, music, news, sports, documentaries, and a whole load more. Simply find the addon you want and follow the simple instructions to download it from the AppValley appstore page

Globo Play

Globo Play is a truly international app, offering content from all over the world. You can stream movies, series, TV shows, Globo exclusives, and much more, enough to suit all tastes. Offline mode is supported so you can download to watch whenever and wherever you want, and there are also several novels to choose from too. The app is free to use, but the content is limited unless you upgrade to a subscription model.


Hulu is one of the best-known streaming apps, offering free access to movies, TV shows, TV series, and lots of other content. The app receives regular updates to add more content and improve the app, and it has support for all the big platforms, along with Chromecast. Hulu is web-based, so you need the internet to use it, but it does offer easy, one-click access to whatever you want to watch.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the new kids on the streaming block, and, right now, it doesn’t have the biggest catalog. However, it is growing fast, and it does offer a great choice of content covering all the major genres. There is no offline mode, so a web connection is required for all streaming, and you will need to signup for a free account to stream anything, although you can download and peruse the app without doing this.


Netflix is well-known as one of the best ways to watch movies and shows. It isn’t free, but new users can try the app free for 30 days. Each user can have up to five profiles, and the more you watch, the better the app’s recommendations get. Content does differ from location to location.


Sling is another paid service, offering a choice of subscriptions priced at $20 and $25 per month, respectively. Sling offers a great choice of movies, TV shows, series, cartoons, sports, documentaries, and much more, and with more 10,000 hours of viewing, you can pretty much watch anything you want. There are also other channels you can watch, including Disney, Fox, and Nat Geo, and support is given for 20+ languages.


Developed specifically for iOS apps, Popcornflix provides thousands of movies across all the popular genres. The app can be watched on mobile or cast to a larger screen, and it works on data and Wi-Fi. The app is completely free, giving you one of the best, unlimited streaming experiences.


A very popular app, SnagFilms, is free to use.  You can watch TV series, full-length movies, cartoons, and much more. Another one designed for iOS apps. SnagFilms offer over 6000 movies, shows, documentaries, cartoons, and more, and its all free to watch on your device so long as you have a Wi-Fi or data connection. All popular genres are covered.


Crackle is an ad-supported free app, and there are plenty of movies and shows to choose from. The only downside is that content does disappear quite quickly, but there is so much to choose from that you won’t be left disappointed. You can watch all the latest movies and shows along with classics, silent films and more.

All of these movie streaming apps offers something that will suit everyone. They are not all free, and not all offer offline mode, but something will offer what you want to watch, and all of them offer great value. These all are few movie streaming sites.

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