Things You Need To Recognize About VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and VPS Hosting is a hosting in which a physical server has several virtual servers. Though, being a user, you need to share the physical server with other users, you will have a virtual server and resources reserved for you only. As you don’t need to divide CPU, RAM or other resources, you can enjoy complete privacy.

So, what can you expect from VPS hosting?

  • Seamless performance

As you will have your own set of resources (CPU, storage, RAM, bandwidth, etc.) reserved for you, you can expect smooth server performance.

  • Enhanced security

Because your website hosted in a reserved and isolated environment, you don’t need to worry about the neighbor effect. None of your neighbors (the other users on the same physical server) can have access to your server resources.

  • Complete access to the server

The entrance to the server in VPS hosting is like the one you get in dedicated hosting. You will have full server root access.

Why and when you need to switch to VPS hosting?

Shared hosting is a good option for small and new websites as they don’t require many resources until the website traffic increases. However, when a website’s traffic increases, it requires more resources to manage that traffic. And that’s the time when your shared hosting plan starts being unfit for your hosting needs. So, to meet the increased resource requirements of your website, you need to switch to another hosting type.

When it comes to switching, you have different options- Dedicated, VPS, and Cloud. Though all these types have their own merits and demerits, we would like to tell you when it is the right time to switch to VPS hosting.

  • When you notice lengthy processing and loading time

When you add content to your website or when several users try to access your site at the same time, the website loading speed slows down. It is valid for websites that perform database-intensive operations. If the long processing time and loading time is continuous and has been increasing day by day, it is the signal that your existing hosting plan is unable to manage the traffic and you need to switch to VPS server in India where you can have dedicated resources for your website’s increasing needs.

  • Your website is not getting enough resources

Lack of resources not only affects the loading time of your website but also affects the overall performance and delivers poor customer experience. To avoid this and to cater to the needs of the increasing website traffic, you need to get a hosting plan that can provide you with reserved resources having no interference from other users. And you can get all this with VPS hosting.

  • You need the freedom and flexibility to use software

VPS hosting is the right option if you want to install and customize the software as per your specific needs. As a VPS server comes with full root access, you can install a custom OS and other software as per your needs. To ensure seamless working and enhanced the performance of your website, you should buy VPS hosting in India from a reliable and trusted hosting company that is willing to provide you with customized plans according to your needs.

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