What is Hybrid Cloud? What are the benefits of Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing has undoubtedly become the order of the day, and now every business has now started using different form of cloud computing. Whether you are running a small business or a big business, you should always use various forms of cloud computing. In the modern era, if you will not use the different applications of cloud computing like hosted QuickBooks then you will be left behind in the tough race of competition.  From cloud hosting to cloud storage, there are different forms of cloud computing application that are currently being used by businesses of different sizes and industry.

But even when cloud computing has become a new normal for most of the people, there are many people who are not aware about the different forms of cloud and in this blog post we are going to discuss one such type of cloud computing that you must have heard of hybrid cloud. There are different types of cloud computing platforms available in the modern era like public cloud and private cloud but in this blog post we are going to talk about hybrid cloud which is mix of both public and private cloud.

What is Hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud means a mix cloud computing, storage and services environment that is made of on-premise structure, private cloud services and a public cloud like Amazon Web Services. If you are using a combination of public cloud, on-premise computing and private cloud then it means that you are using a hybrid cloud. You should know that hybrid cloud offers more data deployment options and the workload keeps on shifting between private cloud and public cloud.

For building a hybrid cloud, you will need the availability of a public IaaS like Amazon Web Services, the construction of a private cloud; either through a on-premise or through a third party cloud provider and a wide area network connectivity between those two environments.

What are the benefits of Hybrid cloud?

Following are some of the most common benefits:-

Enhanced security

If you are going to shift to a cloud computing platform then one of the most important things that you will need to keep in mind is the security. Well, there is no doubt that both public cloud and private cloud offer a very security platform but the level of security offered can’t be matched with any other platform. Because of the use of private cloud in the mix, you get an ultra-secured platform to work on and it becomes very easy to meet regulatory data handling and storage requirements.


If you are going to use private cloud then you will need to pour in a lots of money but that is not the case with the hybrid cloud as it very cost-effective in comparison to private cloud. You will get the security and flexibility of private cloud without actually paying like private cloud and this is one of the major advantages. So, if you are running a small and medium sized business and looking for something else than the normal public cloud then you should definitely go for hybrid cloud without any doubt.


In addition to cost-effectiveness and enhanced security, the hybrid cloud offers scalability as well. There is no doubt that private cloud is not always un-scalable but public cloud will surely offer more scalability in comparison to private cloud. By shifting all the workload that benefits from scalability to public cloud, you are able to minimize your demand on the private cloud. This is why hybrid cloud is so much famous among small and medium sized businesses since it offers scalability which is an important factor for all the SMEs.


Last but not the least, the hybrid cloud offers you required flexibility as well. The pick and mix style of the hybrid cloud gives firm the chance to explore wide variety of operational directions and find the optimum cloud solution. In the current era, flexibility is very necessary in your business solution and hybrid cloud offers you the required flexibility in your work. With the flexibility offered by the cloud, you can easily work without being restricted or bound.

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