Hiring An Accountant For Your Startup? Consider These 5 Points

Hiring An Accountant

Every single penny is precious for business owners. You need to have a clear idea of your business finances and where they will stand at the end of the year. You have to monitor the costs constantly, identify leakages find suitable remedies. Hence hiring an accountant is of utmost importance.

There are several benefits of hiring a good accountant. You will have a skilled financial partner for your company who can help you manage your financial operations. The accountant can also help with audits and taxation, which can be quite tedious even for larger companies. The accountant can also merge information and create a trustworthy business and financial plan for the future. From insurance to expansion, accountants can dish out expert advice on numerous economic and business decisions.

But, how do you hire the right accountant? If you’re planning on hiring one for your startup, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Do a survey

Doing a complete search and survey should always be one of the initial steps of your hiring process. One of the best ways to hire a good accountant is by getting a referral from your business partner, attorney, or banker. You can also consult societies of certified public accountants in your city. Certified public accountants (CPAs) work for small and large businesses and are more likely to make your list of shortlisted candidates. Once you have a list of suitable candidates, it’s time to start calling them in for an interview.

Ask their expertise

Accounting is a vast field, so you need to know an accountant’s expertise while hiring one. One of the most fundamental disciplines of accounting is bookkeeping and maintaining a ledger of business transactions. They also help you in the evaluation of profitability and to make amendments in prices. When you set out to hire one, first know your business needs and then ask about the candidate’s area of expertise. Try to understand whether the individual can monitor expenses, track a budget, or reduce the accounting fees needed to provide tax returns and financial statements. This way, you can look for people who are a better fit for your startup’s needs.

Look for tax advice and auditing

Accountants provide tax-related assistance to business owners. It would be best to look for an accountant who can help you in tax planning and filing and perform an internal audit. It will help you minimize the burden of the process. Focus on hiring qualified people, as taxation requires a significant amount of skill and knowledge of numbers and compliance. Accredited certifications and qualifications such as an online masters in accounting are a big plus. They will ensure that the candidate has sufficient skills to correctly understand the intricacies of performing an internal audit and filing annual tax returns.

Consult an accounting firms

By getting assistance from accounting firms, you will get a clear idea of the overall accounting services that your startup requires. You may already know that tax and auditing services are essential for accounting, but what about management consulting and bookkeeping? It would be best if you considered hiring an accountant who can help you implement financial plans and models. Consulting an accounting firm before you finalize your decision will help build a clearer picture. 

Accounting firms provide better assistance than individual accountants. If your startup’s budget is sufficient, consider hiring one instead. You have to ensure that firm has the required specialized service that you need. Also, make sure that the firm you are consulting has ample experience within your niche.

Look for compatibility 

It is essential to hire people that are an organizational fit. Carefully examine an accountant’s style and analyze whether they are compatible with your business or not. Ensure that the candidates you are interviewing have the same style of handling the business as yourself. Pay close attention to personality traits, and the potential account sees organizational values.  It would be best if you asked candidates how they can manage challenging situations. It will help you evaluate their compatibility and competency. For example, ask them whether they can manage your company’s audit work or not related to the verification of vehicle expenses. Once you have their answers, you can decide whether an individual can handle your affairs or not. Hiring an accountant who can manage work pressure can be beneficial for your business. You have to ensure that the accountant doesn’t mislead you in any business affair. 


Hiring an accountant for your startup is essential as you will able to attain useful insights that will streamline your decision-making process. Accountants monitor your financial operations with a Salary Calculator and make future predictions on cash flow and profitability. Hiring a trustworthy and skilled accountant may take time, but the right choice is well worth the wait.

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