Top 3 iPhone SE tricks that every owner should know

iPhone SE tricks

Raun, a top-rated expert of online pay for writing papers services, says that he was desperately waiting for iPhone to re-launch a phone with the iconic Home button. We believe that this excitement is common to all of us because, after a few years of waiting, the iPhone with the most loved Home button is officially back. It is Apple’s official throwback phone to the time when iPhones had separate buttons for pressing and a fingerprint reader. Now that the iPhone SE is in the market, and is up for sales, a lot of you are excited to get hands on it. So, how do you make the most of your iPhone SE tricks? Here, we have come up with three tips that will make the life of SE users simpler.

Home button and its appeal

See, as for the iPhone SE tricks, there could be two approaches of the people – either it is miles ahead or simply back in time when it comes to the other smartphones. Well, this distinction in opinion started because of the classic Home button of Apple. Now, irrespective of how you see this return, this button certain has some incredibly useful features that you should know.   

1. Configure the sensitivity of Haptic Touch  

Yes, in iPhone SE, the home button’s haptic touch sensitivity can be altered even after the setup. You get three levels for you to pick from, this will determine the sensitivity of the Haptic touch as you press onto the Home button. 

To change the sensitivity:

  • Head to settings menu and click on the general option. In there, you’ll have to press onto the home button. 
  • From there, you have to pick the haptic feedback strength as you like, of which 3 will be the strongest and 1 will be the lowest. 

Quicker unlocking

After the launch of an all-new home button, there was certainly a huge discussion about the unlocking of the phone that followed. It is primarily because the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor is incredibly good when it comes to reading fingerprints. So, now, even with a tiny touch on the Home button, the device unlocks. However, there are moments when your only intention is to view the time or the display of the home screen and not unlock the iPhone. 

For this, you would need a hack that lets you unlock the iPhone faster. To enable this:

  • Head tosettings menu and click on the general option. In there, you’ll have to press onto the home button. 
  • Now, following it, you can configure the slider, which says rest finger to open.
  • So, as the slider turns green, it means that you can unlock your iPhone via Touch ID. On the other hand, if the slider is grey, it means that the Touch ID will work only when you properly press onto the home button. Samaira, an online tutor who offers the best product management course,says that she has just ordered this new iPhone and cannot wait to experiment with this new Touch ID features. 

Make 3D touch your trackpad

One of most underrated features of the 3D Touch is undoubtedly the text selection feature using the space key from the virtual keyboard of Apple. This feature is particularly helpful given the small screen size of iPhone SE.  

To use this:

  • Long press the spacebar and the virtual trackpad will appear in front of you.
  • When this happens, the keyboard will be blurred, and this indicates that your virtual trackpad is in action.
  • Now, just move your finger as desired, and you can control the movement of the cursor.

Change the text size of the iPhone

All of us have the iPhone SE tricks different preferences when it comes to the size of the text. So, now you can change the size of the text according to your requirement from the 7 available sizes.

To do this:

  • Open the iPhone settings and go to the Display and Brightness menu.
  • Under this, head onto the Text Size menu.
  • In there, you just have to drag the slider, and your desired size of the font can be selected.
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