6 Netflix Extensions You Didn’t Know About

Netflix Extensions

Netflix Extensions: During quarantine with the entire world locked in their house, the only available source of entertainment is media. Netflix is one such fast-growing media available today. It is discovered that in this technological world, almost everyone has their Netflix account (be it a free trial or a subscription). With its secure, accessible apps on different gadgets like laptops, television, android phones, iPhones, iPad, and many more, Netflix has attracted many audiences. It is also reported that in 2020 the viewers were increased by millions.

The variety of entertaining shows, movies, and series, available in different languages on Netflix has never failed to consider its diverse users. Most people would have watched at least one video or an episode of a series on Netflix, and for many, it has even become essential. 

But what if I say that you are missing some of the best features of Netflix? Have you heard about Netflix extensions? Do you miss watching Netflix with your loved ones or want some shortcuts or secret codes to enhance your experience?

Here are 6 Netflix extensions that you didn’t know about. This will make your Netflix experience much better than before. So better read this before you start to Netflix & Chill. 

Read the article till the end to know how to add the extensions.

Netflix Party

Earlier, we used to have our family or friends come over, and then we may watch Netflix. But now, after this pandemic, everything has changed completely. So the best way to watch Netflix with your crazy gang and still maintaining safe social distancing is possible only through Netflix Party. 

Just browse Netflix Party and install the application. Then choose video you want to watch, create a Netflix Party by clicking on the extension near the space bar. it will generate unique URL you can send it to anyone you want and use that link. They may join your Netflix party irrespective of their location. You can all watch the same series at the same time, and you all can chat on the side.

Using this, you can watch the same series with your long-distance partner with some juicy chat on the side or with family and friends who are far away from some crazy conversation.

Picture – in – Picture Extension

Were you tired of doing work from home and watching Netflix on the same device? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Switching between work and Netflix can be one hell of a task, so we found a perfect solution to watch Netflix while doing your job.

You have to install Picture – in – Picture extension and add it to your chrome. Just click Alt + P (Instructions will be given) on the application page and then go to your Netflix page and click Alt + P. Now, your Netflix videos will appear on the corner of the screen. It is just that simple.

You can not only use other browsers, but you can also use other applications. You can also pause, play, and exit from your Netflix video. You can now enjoy work with your favorite Netflix show. (Wait, are you thinking about what I was watching while writing this for you? ;))

Netflix Categories Or Secret Codes?

With the numerous numbers of options available, it is always a huge task to find out the right show that you want to watch. So there are some secret codes on Netflix, to watch your favorite genre. It is straightforward to use as long as you know the laws, you have to change the URL type, netflix.com/browse/genre/ (codes). But we know that remembering so many numbers may be quite confusing, so we found a perfect extension to solve this problem.

Search for Network Categories, and click on add to chrome. Then click add the extension then it will pop up near the search bar, when you click on it you will find all the genres and click on the type which you want to watch. This will save you a lot and lots of time, and you can now easily find the cool things that you are into.

Netflix Extended

All the people who are interested in keyboard shortcuts know that space bar is used to pause and play, M is used to mute and unmute, arrow bar is used to fast forward or backward, and up and down arrow to increase the volume. But have you ever wondered how to go back to the previous episode or the next episode if you are watching a series?

Install Netflix extended and add it to your chrome. Another icon pops up near the search bar. Right-click on that green icon, choose options, a screen full of enabling and disable options appears and you can select and customize your Netflix through that. 

Directly go to ‘key binding’ there you can customize which key you want to press to change next and previous episodes.

Super Netflix

When you are binge-watching Netflix, the same repetitive intro becomes boring, after each episode due to extensive internet usage your videos may start to buffer, and the ad may even turn out to be a spoiler (Spoiler Alert!).

All these are just a boom to your Netflix experience. But by using the Super Netflix extension, you can change all these booms into a boon. Super Netflix allows you to skip the intro, choose the video quality, and prevent from showing spoiler alerts. Just as the name suggests, it is super, right?

No- Netflix Originals

Netflix spends a hefty sum of money on creating its content, and its contents are fresh too. Nobody could even deny that, but they also have some failure like any other production house. There are also series and movies from other production houses.

By using the extension No- Netflix Originals, you can completely block Netflix Original content and look for something new.

How To Install Chrome Extension?

Go to chrome browser, search for Chrome web store, and the first link that pops up will be a chrome web store. If you open that on the top left corner, you can find a search bar. Type all the given extensions and search. You can install all these extensions from here.

I hope these extensions were useful, and I’m sure that it will enhance your “Netflix-ing” experience.

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