Everything that you need to know about internet telephony.


Internet telephony! You must have heard this word a number of times but do you know what it is all about, how it works, whether using it is beneficial or not, and much more related stuff? 

If not then don’t worry. We have got your back this time with this article. Here, we will try to give you a quick yet comprehensive overview of the internet business phone system and help you have a better understanding of it. So, let’s get started. 

What is internet telephony? 

Internet telephony, as implied by its name, involves conducting telephony over the internet. Rather than adhering to the traditional copper-wire-based voice signal transmission method, internet business phone systems utilize the internet connection as a replacement for the conventional Plain Old Telephone Service.

By using advanced technology and machine learning, it associates telephony with the computer while converts voice signals into digital signals, make them eligible to get transmitted over the internet, and then converts them into analog signals. 

How does internet telephony work? 

Understanding the operations of internet telephony is an easy job. Your virtual phone system transmits voice messages using internet data packets as soon as a caller speaks via a microphone/telephone/any other internet-connected voice device.  

This analog message then converts into digital signals and transmits as discrete packets to the destination.

Are VoIP and Internet Telephony the same?

Though it’s a common conception that VoIP and internet telephony are synonyms of each other, the reality is different. Internet telephony and VoIP are inter-linked but not exactly the same.

Voice over Internet Protocol or Voip is a part of internet telephony. In internet telephony, you can use communication with a computer over PSTN telephone using the internet while VoIP demands two non-analog lines to initiate the communication. 

In general, aims to build a communication bridge between analog (PSTN) phone lines and an IP based client. So, any calls that you are making using internet connection regardless of the type of device used for the function can be called as internet telephony.

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You can use internet telephony via PC to PC, PC to phone, PC to Fax, and phone to phone methods while VoIP can only be used if both the sources are using virtual phone systems. 

Works on the private network while VoIP can work over any type of public network including free Wi-Fi. 

How ideal internet telephony should be?  

If you want to enjoy full benefits rendered, you must understand that:

  • Can conduct high call traffic processing within and between public and private networks without any glitches. 
  • It is economically scalable.
  • Easy and broad security standards acceptance. 
  • It should be able to establish a connection 95% times with a minimum of 4-8 kbps voice quality. 

What are the advantages of internet telephony? 

One of key reasons behind the huge success of internet telephony is the number of advantages that it offers to you. 

  • It is way economical when compared to the PSTN-based telephony. Instead of paying bills in currency, you will be consuming data. In most cases, PC to PC communication using internet phone is free. Your international phone number can establish overseas communication at a fraction of the cost. 
  • As you can get connected to any of the networks, it keeps you connected anywhere. 
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  • You can use it over any of the data-driven devices. Hence, you are forced to stay glued with a particular location. 
  • The number of features that it offers is way too beneficial and streamlines communication. Features like auto call attendant, voicemail transcript, call transferring, and many more are here to help you assist the callers quickly and easily.
  • It supports unified communication and lets you video call, send SMS, record a voicemail, and even arrange a conference call for you.

Are there any disadvantages of internet telephony?

Just as each coin has two sides, internet telephony also comes with some disadvantages out of which the prime ones are:

  • With traditional PSTN-based telephony, you are not dependent on electricity. If there is a power cut then also your communication can go on. However, this is something that you will miss big time with. Unless you are not connected over a public Wi-Fi connection, your private network modem will not work in absence of power supply.
  • In the case of internet telephony, some sort of call issues may exist.
  • Some types of internet-based international phone number fail to connect you with emergency numbers like 911.

All these disadvantages are negligible compared to its huge advantages and can be overcome after availing internet telephony services from trusted service providers.

Internet telephony – A better choice

Packed with ample features and backed with great security, internet telephony is here to leverage your communication at every level without exerting a high-cost burden on you. Using is the wisest decision that you can make towards the upliftment of your communication abilities.

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