Easy Ways To Fix Can’t Take Screenshot Due To Security Policy Error

can't take screenshot due to security policy

Can’t take screenshot due to security policy: Screenshots have become a norm these days. From saving the proofs to collecting content for later use, individuals prefer to take screenshots for various reasons. Moreover, taking screenshots is not limited to any device. All iOS and Android users know the easy tricks to save the content for different purposes. But, there is one error that limits users from taking the screenshots. Can’t take screenshot due to security policy is one of the reasons that doesn’t allow the user to take the screenshot and download it for later use. 

Information security and privacy concerns are some major issues that are often neglected in the digital world. Despite the convenience and availability of different media, many users are concerned about their privacy over the internet. 

Even if you have several protocols enabled, there will still be a risk of losing the information at any time. There is no safe place on the internet, which affects user experience to a great extent. 

Why Users Prefer To Take Screenshots On Phone? 

Other than privacy concerns, there are still a lot of reasons due to which users prefer to download or take screenshot of the content. 

Digital proofs are really important to claim anything or ensure you are not involved in a shaky activity. For instance, a customer reviewed on B2B Inspection but faced certain issues in the content. The admin would want a screenshot from you so that necessary improvements can be made. This will let him take the screenshot only if the site has no such security policy enabled. 

Likewise, there can be many reasons why the users would want to save the content. Even if you are browsing the internet safely, you will need the feature to achieve a better user experience. 

In some of the apps, you are not allowed to take a screenshot, no matter what. The error doesn’t arise due to poor internet or site’s performance. However, a strict security policy on the site may not allow you to take screenshots and save the content without consent.  

How To Fix Can’t Take Screenshot Due To Security Policy Error?

Even if you find any such error while surfing the internet, you can still take screenshots on the go. There is no rocket science in doing so. Just a few simple tips, and you can save images, texts, or anything on any device. 

Let’s check out how you can fix can’t take a screenshot due to security policy error. 

1. Install Application 

One best way to get rid of error is to uninstall a work-related application. This might give you a reason to think a lot, but it is extremely safe and guaranteed. 

There is nothing extra to do for Android users. Simply follow the following path and uninstall the application. 

Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > See All Apps > Desired App and just uninstall it. 

2. Chrome Settings 

There is a solution to get rid of this error in Chrome. 

If you are using Chrome Incognito Mode, you only have to follow a few steps before taking a screenshot. Go to settings and disable the option. Further, check out other steps and disable the options that are hindering your experience. 

Make sure you close all the tabs before starting a new session. Once you change settings in Chrome Incognito Mode, you are all good to go with your regular Chrome. 

3. Screen Recorder 

This is one of the intelligent ways that will help you get out of all the inconvenience. A screen recorder is often used to record your device’s screen in the form of a video. You can find many screen recorder apps in your play store to access the important features. 

The sites with such a security policy may still not allow you to record the screen. But, there is a way out to get things in your favor. 

Before your screen runs out, you will notice a peek of footage from the app. Keep running the app in the background and visit the page or content that you want to save. Record the screen and keep pausing it until you take a screenshot. 

If you still face the problem, try conventional methods. If you are lucky enough to get the results, the methods will work for you; otherwise, let it be. 


These are some of the main solutions to fix your screenshot problem. Security policies enable us to achieve enhanced experience. But, sometimes, we have to violate the rules to get the results. If you are taking a screenshot for a good reason, it is okay to follow these rules. It will definitely help you out in storing the desired content without a hassle. Try executing the methods that you think are okay to follow. It will not ask you for the money or any investment; hence, the safest ways to capture the content and save it in your device. 

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