Can a Mobile Internet Company Meet Your Household Needs?

If you have a cable internet connection, you might think that disconnecting would be a good idea. Depending on how often you use the internet in your home and the tasks that you perform, a mobile internet company could be an option that will work with T-Mobile being the front runner for many customers.

On a Roll

T-Mobile has been making great strides in 2021 with its 5G home internet service. The company hopes to get the service to more customers later in the year and during the first quarter of 2022. The pilot program was tested by quite a few business owners including Rick Broida of CNET. Once the pilot phase was up and running, T-Mobile informed customers that it would soon offer home internet across the country.

It’s no surprise that T-Mobile has started offering 5G home internet as there have been talks for quite some time about the company wanting to compete with other companies that offer the same services. However, customers haven’t been sure what they should expect since it’s a mobile provider. Some wonder if the company can offer the same kind of high-speed internet service that cable companies provide.


One of the important details that customers should know about is the price of the service that T-Mobile plans to offer. Customers can expect to pay about $50 a month for basic internet service. There won’t be a long-term contract to sign or any data caps that are sometimes offered by satellite internet companies or other mobile providers that try to limit the amount of data that you use each month. This is beneficial for those who might work from home or who take classes online. It’s also beneficial for those who have several people in the home who use the internet at one time.


Although T-Mobile has offered service to about 30 million people in the country, it still has a long way to go to reach all of its customers and to grow its following. Another detail that customers should keep in mind is that while 5G is the goal, the company plans to utilize its 4G LTE service to get its home internet out to as many people as possible before connecting to 5G. Among the companies that offer 5G service, T-Mobile will likely be at the bottom of the ladder until it has time to upgrade its equipment and can get faster speeds to customers. There are over 600 cities that have shown interest or that have already signed up to allow T-Mobile to offer its home internet to customers. A benefit of T-Mobile is that it has had success in offering internet service to people who live in rural areas.

Even though 30 million customers seems like a large number, it’s really only about 25% of the 120 million people who could have access to the services that T-Mobile plans to roll out. There are about 10 million in rural areas with the rest in larger neighborhoods and cities. It’s possible that a full expansion could take about six months or longer depending on the funding that’s available and how quickly the company can get towers and other equipment in place. The company is allowing customers to add their names to a list so that they will be ready to get connected when the time comes.

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