How to Effectively Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

The use of (AI) artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing business processes has become a significant service in the 21st century. The best digital marketing companies that use advanced digital methods have already started (or, at least, think about) to include AI in their marketing strategies.

Overall, 84% of business executives think that the incorporation of AI helps them stay ahead of the competition. Taking into account this development, we’ve decided to go deeper into this tendency and show you the full impact of AI on digital marketing activities as well as whether it’s worth to use it in your own company’s digital marketing strategy.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Affect Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is constantly developing, thus transforming numerous industries. For digital marketers, it’s changing the communication ways including the way the marketing experts connect enterprises with their audiences.

There are some similarities among computer systems and humans: they both work with tasks such as visual perception, decision-making, and other tasks that all previously required human intelligence. 

Currently, AI can accomplish those tasks quite easily and independently. By 2020, more than 40% of digital transformation services will already use artificial intelligence in Digital marketing. Moreover, by 2025, the AI industry will grow to over $190 billion. 

So how is AI changing digital marketing?

First and foremost, AI is modifying customer-facing services for digital marketers. 

How they do that? By simply increasing the efficiency and optimizing user experience process. Here, chatbots are one of the brilliant examples of AI providing customer-related services to users. This is why many companies prefer to include this AI solutions in their digital marketing strategies.

Chatbot also helps people ask their questions about products and services quite easily and immediately get answers to them. After an automated response, brands have the option to transfer the conversation to a live chat with a customers’ support member to streamline the communication.

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The most fascinating feature of chatbots is the option of providing 24-hour support service, seven days a week, even without drinking a cup of coffee. 🙂

The best reason why digital marketing companies should use AI is reducing costs. For instance, Joe McKendrick, a Forbes contributor says that more than 50% of decision-makers agree that cutting costs is one of the top benefits of AI. Moreover, it helps businesses to drive revenue and save more money.

Best AI-powered tools to use

If you’re just deciding how to benefit from AI, you can start by exploring what AI tools there are and what problems they solve. Here are some of the best AI tools to consider.

Google Cloud AI

We talked about Chatbots. If you want to create one, you can simply use Google Cloud AI. For many digital professionals, this is quite a safe and effective tool to use for large-scale AI products/services. You can use a pre-trained model or just modify your own ideal on the Google Cloud Platform.


Emarsys is one of the best tools to use when it comes to B2C is personalization. This kind of AI tool solves the matter related to the content users see and associate with. Emarsys is a platform that helps brands increasing their user experience and driving sales with AI.

Market Brew

Working in the SEO field or owning an SEO company? Want better results? Then Market Brew is here to help you. The AI-SEO tool helps you increase your rankings much faster. For instance, as we know, it can take up to 60 days or even more (depending on your content type, publishing frequency, domain authority, rankings, etc.) for search engines to take effect. With Market Brew’s predictive services, you can make changes on your website and adjust your ranking under just 1.5 hours.


Implementing an email marketing strategy? Here’s your assistant – Siftrock. Siftrock is an email marketing tool you can use that helps you engaging with your inbox, delivering particular messages to certain users.


Social media is the kind of game the vast majority of business owners play to enhance their business strength in the digital world. Now the last tendency in social media marketing in the digital or it’s better to say – social influencers. 

Meet Zoomph. It’s is an AI tool that measures audience behavior, sponsorship, as well as your ROI based on social platforms you use. Moreover, this tool also monitors and tracks the latest trends your business can use to drive more leads and increase brand awareness on social media platforms.


If marketing segmentation is something that you’re going to do, Blueshift is a tool right for you. The tool tracks every individual customer and reports what marketing strategies are best suited for them. The base for this analysis if customers’ interaction history. This will definitely help your team drive sales and boost revenue with modified content.

Benefits of using AI in Digital Marketing

Benefits of using AI in Digital Marketing
Benefits of using AI in Digital Marketing

Improved Personalization

Personalization – this is what we’re going to see even more important over the next couple of years and even more.

The way consumers respond to and cooperate with marketing messages is changing. Traditional marketing methods like billboards, traditional media advertising, and direct mail are no longer as effective as they once were. This is now time for AI-Based Marketing strategies.

Effective Scaling of Content Marketing

Content marketing is nowadays one of the top digital marketing strategies every Startup or a business promoting or selling their products/services. In this case, AI solutions will help you with a remarkable return on investment (ROI)

Automated Marketing Processes Save Time and Money

Saving time and money is the core thing every business wants to achieve. Marketing automation will help you solve this issue. This is where AI-powered automation software can help you. They can help you escalate the decision-making process, saving your administrative costs.

Reduced Data Errors

And finally, Errors. Undoubtedly, humans are better than machines at doing many things. BUT. They are also likely to make errors. This is especially true when we’re using small amounts of data, as well as Big Data.


AI is already involved in the DNA of digital marketing. Exploring how this technology works for your business will not only have great benefits to it but will also prepare your company for the next revolutionary era of technology.

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