All you need to know about voice recognition

All you need to know about voice recognition

Human civilisation has employed technology to get new surprises in every era, century, the decade and now almost every day. Gone are the days when we are mesmerized with the touch screen mobiles, laptops. Now the voice is the new player. Say a few words and get things done. But how did this happen??? 

Voice Recognition technology. Yes, it is a new trend nowadays that is changing our lifestyle quite smartly. From communication to entertainment, it has an assured reach in every industry. Everyone wants to have a reach to this and use this new version of the world of technology

The technophiles are in love with the voice recognition thing while the other people not in much interaction with technology, want to know more about it. 

Every new thing needs to come in the notice to spread more and more. Here is all you need to know about the miraculous technology that can recognise your voice. 

What is voice recognition?

Voice recognition is also known as speaker recognition. It is the feature of a machine or a program to receive, interpret spoken commands. This technology came in existence and then in practice due to increased use of Artificial Intelligence. Few examples of voice recognition can be Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. 

What does it do?

It enables the user to interact with technology just by speaking to it. This interaction facilitates small tasks, hands-free requests and reminders. 

The technical process that takes to make the technology work

The voice recognition technology needs analog-to-digital conversion. It works in computer devices through software. However, for that, a computer needs to have a digital database of words or syllables. Otherwise, the conversion process cannot reach to the ultimate result. 


With the growing use of Artificial Intelligence, the use of voice recognition has improved. Versatility has also entered the picture. Here are some of the most popular applications that people are enjoying. 

Transcribe voice into text

  • Set up reminders
  • Respond to simple requests like – play music, share traffic or weather information
  • Search the internet

A deep insight with advantages and disadvantages 

Although there is no doubt that voice recognition is the future, however, like every other technological invention, it too has two sides like a coin. One talks about the advantages and the other shows some weak sides. Why not know both of them together and get balanced information. 

Advantages – 

Why not talk about the good things first. The aspects that explain well the importance of new technology in our life. 

Multitasking has become possible. You do not need to open apps to check the weather or listen to music or to dim the lights. 

It improves self-service interactions. 

Automates by gathering dynamic data, for instance – names and addresses. This is not possible in touchtone technology. 

Enables organisations to use their employees for more significant tasks. 

Disadvantages – 

It is not always bad to know or talk about disadvantages. After all, they give you the chance to think rationally on a subject without any bias. 

  • Most of the voice recognition devices and systems make errors. 
  • Any background noise can put false inputs; thus a quiet atmosphere is necessary. 
  • The problem arises while using words that sound similar but have different meanings — for instance – there and their.

How is business class using this technology?

Not only in our personal lives but also businesses speech recognition technology is getting attention. Here are some uses that the businesspersons are taking benefit of. 

  • Direct interaction with the clients
  • Give press conference without the physical presence
  • Better control while giving instructions to a large number of employees. 

The devices with speech recognition are everywhere

The ubiquitous presence of the devices backed with this innovative technology is catching attention. It is everywhere in the showrooms of electronic gadgets. People are in love with this and are determined to make it a vital part of their life. They are not even worried about the cost part. And technophiles are even taking small amount loans as they really cannot wait to have it in their life.

Thanks to direct lending that nowadays, even the poor credit scores can fulfil their desires without any compromise. They can apply and avail funds through installment loans for bad credit people from direct lenders only in the UK. The best part is the lower costs of the electronic gadgets that can fit in the pocket of many. 


The above things about voice recognition technology are just a glimpse of its miraculous presence. For sure, it will bring revolution and communication is sure to become exceptional. With time, more innovations will show their presence to make our lifestyle better. The only concern is that the existing flaws should not exist for a long time. 

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