5 Ways to Use Embedded Tweets that Helps Your Business

Embedded Tweets

Social media is a weapon forged by technology and the internet to pierce through human life to empower marketers alongside. Twitter is a massive platform where you can find anything including news, entertainment, sports, politics, events, and everyday interests. As their about page says, “If it’s happening anywhere, it’s happening on Twitter.”

“Never underestimate the power of tweet.”

― Germany Kent

Twitter is a good platform to pull in customer feedbacks and appreciation for business. Tweets are a good form of response from the users of your products or services. Twitter is a great source to be embedded on a website to add social proof to your content. Here, the discussion will be on the advantages of embedding tweets on your website.

Tweet Embedding

There are several ways to embed a twitter feed on website. Twitter offers its minimalist embedding option to share a particular tweet, collection of tweets, profile, list, moment, handle, or hashtag on the website. 

You can also opt to team up with a social media aggregator to create an interactive Twitter feed wall on the website. They offer advanced embedding tools to let you customize the outlay and color scheme of the social wall to match the website’s UI.

Benefits of Embedding Twitter Feed

Just like any social media, Twitter is an amazing platform to get content for your marketing purposes. As the users are themselves creating the content, there are some additional advantages that help to take your business ahead. 

As of summer 2019, Twitter is in the #5 spot among social networks, outpaced by Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and neck-and-neck with Pinterest.

Let’s explore the potentials of tweets and how it can benefit your brand or business.

1. Back up the Statements

Safeguard your content and its authenticity by supporting your statements. If you don’t do so, the audience would think it taken from some other source. Embedded tweets act as citations for the quotes and sources from where you are taking them. Ever let your readers feel like you made up the content. 

Tweets from a reliable source help you solidify the content.

2. Customer Testimonials for Brand Image

The best use of embedded tweets is to take the testimonials and feedbacks to build the reputation of the business. These days, we can see the customers sharing their views about the products and services on tweets. When a business is unable to gather feedback through emails, using Twitter as a source is a good idea.

Twitter offers a platform for customers to share their views and works as a source for brands to collect feedback. 

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3. Retweets Matter

By embedding the twitter feed, the followers of your brand can access this content on your website. Readers would feel easy to find relevant content without going anywhere else. The use of UGC (user-generated content) can encourage users to retweet to share it with their audience.

Retweets can be an aspect that would increase your reach.

4. Tweet Chat to Boost Traffic

To increase the traffic on the website, you can host a Twitter chat. A tweet chat is a cool idea to bring up more page visits. With a hashtag for brand identification, the users can involve themselves in a conversation to keep their views on a particular topic. Make this possible with a good embedding tool from experienced social media aggregators like Taggbox or SociableKIT

Embedding tools make it easy to collect the content through the specific hashtag and filter out the best and relevant content. 

5. Engage Blog Posts with Twitter

You can increase the reach and boost engagement by taking your blog posts to be shared on Twitter. Just more than the followers, you can share it with a wide community of users by filtering out the topic with a hashtag. 

The widgets and embedding tools help you take your blog post with just a link shared along with a crisp tweet and a relevant hashtag. It takes your content straight to the users who hold an interest in the topic.


According to a recent study by Twitter and IPG, 50% of people think brands can become more culturally relevant by being inclusive, and that number rises to 60% among Twitter users.

With a lot of psychological and marketing aspects, Twitter is a pretty impactful platform to bring up your business. Not just chances, but with each relevant tweets embedded on the website, your brand can witness wider reach and more engagement.

Connect with an expert social media aggregator with interactive embedding tools to integrate a Twitter feed on your website. The tool features with customizable design, color schemes, analytics, and much more. It lets you know the statistics of your tweets, retweets, its reach and engagement rates as well.

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