All you need to Import Maildir to Gmail

Import Maildir to Gmail

If you want to import Maildir to Gmail Google apps, you need to know what Maildir is. This article will, therefore, provide you with ways to import Maildir into Gmail as it consists of What is Maildir, what is Gmail, why Maildir to Gmail conversion is important, and Maildir to pst.

What is Maildir?

  • Maildir is an email format used to store email messages with distinctive names. That email is stored in a separate Maildir file and is a directory for each folder.
  • Maildir’s expansion is the latest and successive version of MBOX file format and if you want to know more about the difference between MBOX and Maildir.
  • Maildir creates a single file for every incoming mail message. There are two subdirectory temp and fresh folders in this folder file format.

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What is Gmail?

  • Google App is a series of various web apps, including Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, and calendars. 
  • Google Apps is an entirely internet-based service. 
  • Sometimes users need to migrate Maildir to Google Apps as Maildir file format is somewhat limited to a few mail servers and applications.

Let us go through some user’s queries faced by users related to Maildir.

“I have a Maildir mail server for Ubuntu, but now I’m looking for a way to switch Maildir to Gmail. Is there a fix for Maildir’s Google Apps Migration? Please share your opinion. Thank you in advance.

“I was not happy with my current email processing system. For a long time, I have been using a Maildir file format email client program to store emails. But over time, it became difficult to solve problems and mistakes. Previously, spam filters were unable to distinguish unwanted messages”.

By going through the above queries we should know the reason for migration from Maildir to Gmail.

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Why import Maildir into Gmail?

On the other hand, the format of Maildir files is limited to a few mail servers and applications, and countless apps using Google Applications. Therefore, Maildir must be opened to Gmail to solve this Maildir limit. Users often also want to transfer their mails to the new Maildir’s fresh Gmail account.

Ways to open Maildir into Gmail

There is no easy way to move Maildir to Gmail. 

Using the 2-step procedure, you can do the same:

  • STEP 1: You must convert Maildir to PST file format. 
  • STEP 2: To upload Maildir to Gmail after creating a PST file, you need to pass the Outlook PST file to the Gmail account.

There is no manual technique from Maildir to Outlook to convert PST format. So you need to go with Maildir Converter Tool to export Maildir to PST format.

This software migrates all of your Maildir++/Maildir data whether it is a single file or several files. Maildir file will easily convert to Gmail. There is no lack of information. Migrate email messages with attachments


Maildir has no direct way to move to Gmail. To do this, we must first convert the Maildir file format into PST, which can be done using any third-party device, i.e. Maildir Converter, and then export PST to Gmail account through this utility. You should read properly all the suggested steps above and then go to the solution.

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