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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Developing a Mobile App For Small Business

This era, the 21st century, where everything is possible with the magic of one click – the rapid adoption of mobile apps isn’t something very shocking. However, this rising number of apps on the play store might shock you.  Depicting that the market of mobile applications is booming and would keep rising with the commence […]

Building a shuttle services app – ride share service

Via – Business models, features, and pricing The number of automobiles on road is ever-increasing, and this brings with it a unique dilemma. Research indicates that two billion cars will be on roads by the year 2035. Complications go beyond mere traffic jams; the effects of toxic emissions cause significant damage to the environment. Ownership […]

5 ways to make your app go socially viral

Driving millions of downloads and enriching viral is the dream of each app startup ancestor, but not each app has what it demands. If you’re relying on conventional marketing and promoting to stimulate downloads and perception, obtaining virility is almost unimaginable. As an app developer, you have a consistent goal to develop products people require, […]

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