Reasons Why URL Shortener are Useful

URL Shortener

URL Shortener such as Small SEO tool and tiny URL are one of the best link Shortner on the web, and these best URL Shortner are those who are capable of even shortening long URLs having more than 200 characters into short URL links of mere 20 characters that are both understandable and manageable. If you are new to the concept of URL Shortner, then don’t be confused about them as they are not new in the market and it’s been around two decades that we have been using the URL link Shortner tools.

People usually ask us about the importance and utilization of these tools, and so we are going to discuss the use of URL Shortener in today’s article. Some webmasters are of the view that the short URL links are bad for the web, but we are going to jot some important points which will definitely wrong these arguments and will tell you about how the Shortner is good for the growth of the internet.

Here are the top reasons why URL Shortner is useful:

URL Shortner Make Long Links Manageable!

Ask yourself this: whether sharing long links or short links are easier? Especially while writing or pasting links in an SEO friendly content can be very difficult and messy if they are long. In search engine optimization and Google ranking, it is highly important for a user to add links very carefully as they can have a very negative effect on your ranking. Google, along with other search engines, consider keywords in links to be a great factor for ranking. These factors create a conundrum for the user or the website owner.

As we have discussed this earlier the short URLs are easily understandable and are appreciated by users on your site, especially if you post lengthy links in your email, Facebook account and other social media pages this can cause users to pass your content. URL Shortener helps web users and content writers to solve this problem so that they can make the links more manageable and can grab more traffic!

Compilation and Tracking Of Data!

One of the most important reasons that the small SEO gathered more attention lately is its Free URL Shortner is capable of gathering comprehensive data and changing it into the form of live click data, live locations, graphic location, and to the webpage link from where the link was clicked. Although this type of information can be of no use to the web experts and software houses, it is very much useful to the users as it shows them where the customers are coming from, where they were directed to and what interests them best!

This type of information surely helps owners of the site to develop more interesting products and services that are more desired by the traffic. They can produce a more thorough and targeted content, and more information will be detailed more it will bring good to the web economy. The best URL Shortner can easily help you keep track of this kind of data!

Help In Social Media Services!

While this is not the goal of most of the URL Shortner but this is yet another important use of them. You can easily share links in the content to increase social media traffic and followers. If you want to get more likes or followers on social media, then you can always paste the link to your page on a page with good traffic and related written content so that it can increase your business.

A Medium for Link Building!

Link Shortner is the best for the generation of short and friendly links that can be adjusted in the content may it be text or images. Now you can use these as backlinks that can help you have good bonds with other guest websites. Link building and good relations with other websites are very important when it comes to the increase in business and goodwill of a website. It helps you generate more traffic and more followers to your website. They promote sharing of services too.

If you want to use the best and the free URL Shortener then the URL link Shortner of the small SEO tools is the best decision you can make!

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