5 Reasons You Should Consider a Cyber Security Degree

Cyber Security Degree

Unemployment in the area of cyber security is almost unheard of. It’s for this reason why so many choose a career in this particular field. But, it’s not the only reason. There are so many more compelling reasons why you should choose cyber security degree.

You don’t need to be an expert in computing to know that cybersecurity is a forever growing field. Cybersecurity is more critical today, than it has ever been, for business owners. Security breaches are so commonplace now, that it’s created this obvious realisation that companies and organisations, need professionals that are dedicated solely to cybersecurity.

Almost every area of IT has a security component attached to it. Thus, when you choose to focus on security, it creates a plethora of options for you. From risk assessments, to security operations, to investigations, to educator, there are so many different roles that exist within the field of cybersecurity. Olea Kiosks offers the California cyber security kiosk to secure information in our daily lives (for example in the retail industry).

With all the negativity surrounding internet security, there are still many more millions of successful transactions that occur online, without any hiccups. And this is all thanks to the professionals.

Five reasons why you should definitely consider cyber security degree.

1. You Have Options

Security professionals have a variety of situations and technologies that they must encounter and overcome, all of which ties into the amount of opportunities available to you. Virtually every area of computing has its own security component.

As a security professional you’ll be given the opportunity to work on a series of systems and technologies. From cars, to robots, to large websites, serving millions of customers, the variety is almost as big as your imagination.

When you opt to venture into cybersecurity, one thing you know you won’t be, is bored.

Because of an expansive range of skills required for one to be an effective security professional. People that work in this line of work, typically come from the most diverse backgrounds. In fact, the more variety one has in his/her background, the better it tends to be for the professional.

Becoming a cybersecurity professional is all about going out there and doing. There’s no wrong way of doing it.

2. Flexible Degree Programmes

Flexibility is very important for us adults that already have obligations. The ability to acquire a degree in this field, through the internet, while working as full time job, and taking care of a family, is one of the reasons so many people are attracted to this line of work.

You’ll find that online options are offered by a great many universities that provide courses in cybersecurity. Students have option of completing the degree programme online, or doing some online and some at an educational institution. In addition to this flexibility, just working online, means students have access to the very best in cybersecurity related programmes, from the best universities with the best professors, irrespective of location. Textbooks are typically supplied digitally, which means there’s no additional costs for work materials, and instant messaging services means you can interact with other students, from anywhere, even other countries from around the world.

3. Huge Networking Potentials

If you want to get as much possible out of your degree programme, then you must network. Being in any graduate programme, means that you’ll be around people that are similar to you, with the same interests, such as cybersecurity (if that’s your thing), this makes it the ideal place to connect with these people. This networking, will not only help you obtain additional knowledge for completing your degree programme, but can also help you when you graduate, by vastly improving your job prospects.

There are many online degree programmes that you can invest in, that are designed to ensure the most amount of engagement, with the very best professors in the field. This is the kind of experience you should be after. In such environments, you’ll be able to gather vital information, while learning form experts across a plethora of different sectors related to cybersecurity.

4. The Financial Incentives

Work in cyber security is in such high demand today, for both the public and private sector, as a result, you’ll find that there are a significant amount of financial incentives that are offered to individuals that are interested in obtaining a cybersecurity degree. There are scholarship programmes that you can apply for, that are specifically tailored to individuals that are looking to obtain a degree in cybersecurity. For women, there are specific scholarship programmes tailored to them, for this kind of work. In America, you have the National Science Foundation Scholarship for Service (SFS) and the Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP), providing the funding for these grants. There are also Yellow Ribbon Schools that provide funding to veterans, through annual scholarship money, which can be as much as $17k per year, depending on your circumstances.

5. This Job Is Impactful

No so long ago, there was an issue involving pacemakers. Due to a security exploit, many of them were/could be hacked. This hack impacted in excess of 145 million people living in America.

Cybersecurity is extremely important, as it includes work in fields that traverse both the physical space and the digital world.

That should be enough to excite even the most adventurous of individuals, and motivate those who are looking to make a difference.

If you would like in the field of IT, and make a different while doing it, then cybersecurity is the filed for you. It may require much of you, but in the end, it can be very rewarding.

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