Carry Out Your Work Efficiently with Samsung ML-5512ND Driver

Samsung ML 5512nd

Finding a proper printer to make perfect printed documents. Without an eligible printer, it is impossible to present printed documents in a clear and professional style. Whether to accomplish homework assignments or business documents, the Samsung ML-5512ND driver can give you an optimal result.

Before you purchase the device, it is important to learn about its features or specifications beforehand. Recognizing the prominent parts of the device will ensure you make the right choice when you decide to purchase it. Let’s find out what Samsung ML-5512ND offers.

Aspects that Make Samsung ML-5512ND Driver Stand Out

Usually, people look for specific features of a printer to match what they really need. Hence you need to check out Samsung ML-5512ND from certain aspects to know whether this device can help you optimize your print jobs.

Secure Job Release

Not all printers have a feature that allows you to protect a confidential document during the printing process. From a security aspect, the Samsung ML-5512ND is definitely on the upper level. It is easy to activate the Secure Job Release feature which is a strategy of secure printing with this device.

Before you print the confidential document, you just have to set authorization to print documents only by entering a password on the Samsung ML-5512ND printer. This way, your confidential document is safer than printing it directly one at a time without a password.

Eco Mode

For the sake of the environment and printing cost, you may switch to Eco Mode when you print a file. By pressing the Eco Mode button, you can print two up to four pages in one sheet or activate duplex printing. It is the key to saving toner, paper and cost.

Anti-Jam Roller

An interesting part of Samsung ML-5512ND is its capability to prevent paper jam during the printing process. The anti-jam roller in this printer effectively minimizes paper jams and misfeeds.

High-Quality Printout

Everybody expects an excellent printout with high quality after printing a document. The futuristic polymerized toner in the Samsung ML-5512ND printer produces a high-quality printout with a sharper image. Besides, the dense wax content prevents blackened and folded printouts.

Control Panel

On the LCD of Samsung ML-5512ND, you will see a control panel with several numeric keypads to let you operate the printer more efficiently. This control panel is user-friendly.

Specific Description of Samsung ML-5512ND Driver

Aside from the outstanding features of Samsung ML-5512ND, you still need to examine the product description in detail. It is crucial to make sure whether the Samsung ML-5512ND has all components to optimize your work.

Paper Handling

Paper types that it can process are cardstock, plain paper, labels, bond paper, envelopes, recycled paper, preprinted, and transparencies. Standard paper size to print includes A4, C5, DL, 10, 9, and C6.

Duty Cycle

The Samsung ML-5512ND can take input capacity in 520 sheets. In a month, you can print documents up to 10000 pages.


As a monochrome laser printer, Samsung ML-5512ND can work really fast at 55 ppm. It takes 7.8 s to print the first page.


To print documents with this printer, you need to connect your device via USB, ethernet, wireless LAN or Wi-Fi.


A good performance of a printer usually depends on the processor inside the device. In this device, there is a 700 MHz processor to speed up the printing process.


The dimensions of the Samsung ML-5512ND are 464.1 x 540 x 420.1 mm and its weight is 34.2 kg. Make sure you have enough space in your office to place this printer.


Just like other modern printers with good resolution, the Samsung ML-5512ND also offers a maximum resolution in 1200 x 1200 DPI.

After inspecting the features and a detailed description of the Samsung ML-5512ND driver, you can see that it can perform a high workload. Moreover, its ability to maximize print quality becomes a prominent thing to accomplish print jobs.

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