Top 5 Mobile Apps for Chatting

Apps for Chatting

Instant mobile best apps for chatting, making online friends, and hanging out virtually has been the new trend of present times. The world of social networks attracts us. We are getting much fun in tagging, exchanging pictures, videos, stories, and conversations have made our boring life into an adventurous roller coaster ride.

We are no longer bored or alone. Now, our time passes by so quickly, thanks to the best online apps that bring so many ideas and connect us with folks. Also, if you like making new friends and chatting with strangers randomly, you can anonymously chat without any registration.

There are many best apps for chatting for conveying and staying connected to everyone. Apps like – WhatsApp and Facebook are at the top. These will be included with others in the top 10 apps for messaging.

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Chatting

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Line

1. Facebook messenger

This is the king of all apps, which many users are fond of since 2008. Every mobile has it, and it has been favored by most of the Americans. It is the best example of instant messaging service.

One can send voice notes, chats, videos, pictures, and yes, lively stickers.

It’s a fantastic app to hangout and makes new buddies to old ones. You just need to have Facebook account and so the other with whom you want to have enjoyment.

This is a cool technology with popular aspects that attract users. One can quickly scan codes with others to get into this app. You can share your experience through sports, debates, tours of places, recipes, shared interests, and many more.

There is nothing that cannot stop you from procrastinating with your favorite pals and strangers too. It makes you see your loved ones who stay far away from people whom you never met. This app is a token of all needs you should have in an impressive online platform.

So these are the best apps for chatting that can make you feel cloud nine. If you are virtual nomads, you can try these apps and spice up your life with these brilliant and modern online sites.

2. Whatsapp

The apple of all eyes is Whatsapp. Its the first choice and cherished by millions of users widespread globally. There are several justifications of why many love it.

This incredible online messaging is used not just to have an exclusive chat with our pals, relatives, and beloved ones but also its a hub for trading to the academic purpose.

Pros :

  • It is available on the Android, IOS, Windows, and Blackberry.
  • One can make a video call, and voice calls but to the person who has a definite contact number and has this app.
  • One can easily access relevant by attaching documents, videos, images, recordings, locations, and share it within seconds.
  • It has backup data that can easily be permitted as soon as we login to another device with the required phone number.
  • It has various encryption to access more than one device.
  • One can easily see other people’s stories through the Status of this app, and one can know who has checked his or her accounts and at what time.
  • Stickers too play a leading role along with gifs that makes the conversation more playful in group chats or individual. You can also change the keyboard and writing technique, wallpaper of a particular chat room. 
  • There is the availability of the Mute button where you can stop getting notification of a specific chat group or conversation thread which you are in but don’t want to get disturbed.
  • You can change your profile picture to your opinion or thoughts at any time. You can store all the recordings, videos, photos, documents in a specific file of media.

Cons :

  • Must be installed to use
  • Do not give credit calls to non-users of this app.
  • Back up needs an internet connection and can have technical issues.

WhatsApp is like the box with the best of both worlds, which is rejoiced by many users, and its tools are used to make other best apps for chatting similar to it. This green idol is the favorite of all.

3. Viber

This app is the parallel version of Whatsapp made by Microsoft. It is the most prominent in Eastern European areas.

Pros :

  • It provides free voice chats, calls, video-based talks like Skype. It offers cheap and has better credit policy for service calls than Skype.
  • There are cute and attractive stickers, emojis for young users.
  • It doesn’t take much space to install in phones, PC, tablets. It lets you follow your favorite celebrities or buddies.
  • If users feel there is a need for something more than friendship, not just by free online chats, then this app also has its range of games to have a pastime.
  • The app also prohibits kids unless they are above 13 years which helps the parents to keep eyes on youngsters who need consent to operate the app.

Cons :

  • Grabs a lot of data to use the app.
  • Risk of exposing disturbing content by sharing inappropriate media.

4. Telegram

The phrase, beauty lies in simplicity, or simple is beautiful can be faithfully justified for this app.

It is today’s most preferred online messaging app not just for adults but also for students, teachers, YouTubers, etc.  

It is a fantastic app for discussion, debates, and having friends. You can also create channels through this app that allows users to check out various web series Telegram channels.

Pros :

  • It is a cloud-based program software application that prioritizes high speed and security.
  • It has been enabled in such a way to match the speed of Snapchat and Whatsapp together. It also has the feature to put pictures, videos in the Statusstatus, locations, and documents too can be shared similar to Whatsapp.
  • The distinct features of this app are that it lets the data, media that was shared, can go into self-destruct that ranges from 2 seconds to one week.
  • It also has Secret Chat feature with an image as an encrypted key to unlock the chats that one has saved secretly. One’s chat is safe if the image key doesn’t match with the other person’s key.

Cons :

  • It doesn’t have the option of video chat.
  • Too many extensive and complicated features.

5. Line

If you love having a great chat, along with staying in touch with social media at the same time, this app is the best for you.

This app is like WhatsApp but not much known to all. It is famous in East Asia. It has won hearts of more than 600 million users.

In China, WeChat is the most popular messenger similarly Line well-known in Japan. It is also famous in Thailand, Taiwan, and India.


  • This app has many additional services like Line games; for quick online transactions, there is Line Pay, for booking cab-Line Taxi, and lastly, to know top daily news, it has Line Today.
  • It available for all operating systems and can be used in multiple devices. It can be installed in Android and IOS also.
  • It is fun for those who love to express through emoticons. It has a wide range of lively stickers, which is not available on other networking sites.
  • You can not only have a wonderful time chatting but also by video calls; send audio recordings, and do voice calls.

Cons :

  • It does not give credit calls to non- members.
  • It provides a permanent id and costs much for stickers.

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