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keylogger for android

In order to record the messages typed by someone on the phone or computer keylogger apps are used by the parents & employers to keep eye on children and employees. The information provided in this write-up will help you to know about the features of the best keylogger app for android phones.


App that allows you to record the strokes of the keypad made by someone while typing a message on an android phone so that you can read that message, later on, is known as a Keylogger app. This app usually works in a stealth mode so that the target person cannot know that his message is being recorded by someone else.

Why do you need to use an android keylogger?

An android keylogger can be used by the parents as well as employers to track activities of their children and employees on the android devices provided to them to remain in touch with them. The increasing use of android devices has compelled the parents and employers to provide android phones to their children and employees so that they can talk to them whenever required.

But it has also increased the chances of misuse of these devices. Children and employees can use their android phones for unproductive work like chatting with their friends, sharing messages on social media networks, and surfing online to visit websites with adult materials.

Keylogger for android
Keylogger for android

In such a situation, it becomes important for the parents and employers to keep a vigilant eye on the use of the android phones provided by them to their children and employees. A keylogger app for android can be the best way to record their activities on their phone.

In some cases, keylogger apps are also used by husbands and wives to track the online activities of their spouses and know about their adulterous affairs.

How to use a keylogger?

One can easily use a keylogger for android just by installing it on the target phone. The stealth mode of these apps will allow users to operate these apps in the background without being noticed by the user of the monitored device. These apps can record every stroke of the key of the monitored devices to record the complete message sent through it.


Along with recording the message typed by the user of the target device, this app will also record the username and password typed on the android phone while visiting a social media platform. It will also record the messages typed and shared on social networks. The keystrokes captured by the keylogger are stored in the logs so that you can open the logs anytime to read whatever has been typed on the target device. Thus a keylogger captures every keystroke while running in the background of the target android phone.

Best keylogger for android

Though it is not easy to find the best keylogger for android as you can find a number of them online still Snoopza is considered as the best of all due to various reasons discussed here under.

Snoopza keylogger app for android

Snoopza  is considered the best keylogger for android as it can be downloaded and installed for free and can be used to:

  • Track location by tracking the location of the mobile phone constantly
  • Record data of calls made and received and record the conversation in detail in the logs including the duration of the call and contact name etc.
  • Use the front camera to take a photo of the user every time the device is unlocked by him and send it to you
  • Monitor messages, text, and others like SMS, MMS, videos, images, and voice messages shared through social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber, etc.
  • Check the activities on the Internet and save the information about the sites visited by using the cell phone tracker feature of this app.

This app allows you to monitor up to 5 devices with a single account simultaneously like android phones and tablets etc.


The Snoopza keylogger app can be installed on a target device very easily in three easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: First all you will have to open an account with by providing your email address and password.

Step 2: You can use your account to download and install this app on the target phone

Step 3: You can start monitoring the data of the target phone just by following the instructions.

Stealth mode

The stealth mode of Snoopza makes it the best keylogger for android as it remains invisible while tracking calls, SMS, and GPS, etc. In other words, you can track people even without being seen and known by the monitored people.


While installing this phone tracking app on the target phone you can switch on or off its stealth mode. You can activate it to know whether the user of the monitored device recognizes you or not.

Free functionality

You can use Snoopza for free just after installing it for managing SMS, tracking calls, tracking Geolocation, and tracking the history of internet usage.

Paid functions

Along with the features of the basic plan the paid functions of Snoopza include spying activities of social media networks like Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and WhatsApp along with taking snapshots and record calls. It also allows you to use stealth mode, check contacts, track camera, track to-do list, and detect the replacement of SIM cards.

How legal is use of tracking your child

It is legal for parents to track the activities of their child unless he/she is minor. The use of the best keylogger for android not only allows the parents to track the usage of the android devices provided to them but also to ensure their safety in case of any emergency condition.

Pricing policy

The standard pricing policy if Snoopza allows you to use several features to track the target devices just by paying $9.95 for one month or $99.95 for 12 months.

Conclusions and results

Thus, Snoopza is the best keylogger for android as it allows the parents and employees to keep an eye on the usage of their devices by their children and employees even while remaining invisible for them.

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