3 Tech Tools To Help You Become More Agile In Business

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The 14th Annual State of Agile Report revealed that 60% of surveyed respondents say agile adoption has helped increase speed to market. Meanwhile, 58% of surveyors have improved team productivity, according to Businesswire. Although the Agile Methodology was created by and for the software development industry, it has become vital in managing core business processes across all sectors. 

When incorporated in business operations, agile principles break down large projects into a series of small tasks. This method also depends on collaboration, customer input, and adapts to changes in the business environment to enhance performance and deliver valuable products. If you’re looking to practice agility in your company, but don’t know where to start, below are tech tools that will help you become more agile in business.

Cloud Computing Software 

For an organization to achieve optimal agility, it requires cloud computing software. Cloud computing improves business agility by improving security, productivity, collaboration, and empowers workers. For example, when employees leverage cloud-based software like Dropbox Business, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote, and G Suite, they can create, store, share, and complete projects remotely.

As a result, they perform their tasks efficiently and achieve the agility required to meet the changing demands in business. Cloud computing apps also create room for innovation and international growth.

Resource Management Apps 

Managing employees or team members can be daunting, which is why most leaders are investing in the right resource management tool for their business. Software like Float, Resource Guru, Mavenlink, Journyx PX, Retain, and eResource Scheduler help you track time, schedule, and optimize labor and material resources required for successful project management. They also help project managers compare resource availability and then allocate the resources needed to ensure you deliver projects within the specified budget and timeline. However, to enjoy these benefits, consider choosing resource management apps that guarantee compatibility, enterprise-wide visibility, and improve skill comparison.

Communication Tools

When you have remote workers or a team of part-time employees, effective communication is essential. You want to make sure there is enhanced collaboration to prevent confusion or miscommunication regarding project guidelines. For these reasons, you need tools that make virtual communication easier. Apps like Slack, Skype, Zoom, and Zoho Meeting allow you to chat, hold live meetings, and provide user training materials at low costs.

The agile business model is flexible and efficient, which is why it adapts to changing events quickly than other strategies. And with the right tech tools in place, you can improve output and efficiency at low costs. Keep in mind some technologies are more agile-focused, while others are simple and help you enhance agility at a slow pace.

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