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TheOneSpy Review

Android TheOneSpy SpyApp monitoring software is the undisputed king of the monitoring software developed for Android. The user can use it against all the cellphones and gadgets running with the android monitoring software. Android spy software has developed for digital parenting and for the purpose of employee monitoring. Here we can know about TheOneSpy SpyApp and its Features.

 It entertains both parents and employers to the fullest. Parents can track the activities of kids and teens on the android cellphones and stay updated about their digital activities. On the other hand, employers can remotely get access to the company’s owned android devices and can get to know all the activities of the employees with a complete time stamp and even in real –time. 

This will let parents and employees keep a hidden eye on their children and employees respectively. TheOneSpy SpyApp android monitoring software has user –friendly interface for the installation and as well as in terms of usage. Moreover, the user can get it within a reasonable price and its features are very result oriented for the user. 

Android surveillance app has dozens of monitoring tools that allow the user to spy on all the Android smartphones and gadgets within no time. Let’s discuss the powerful and efficient tools of the cell phone spy app for android and TheOneSpy Review.

Phone spyapp for android Features

Surround monitoring 

A user can remotely control the target android device MIC using MIC bug app and further you can remotely control front and back of the device using the spyvidcam bug. However, a user can also capture photos using camera bug app of the phone spy app for android. 

Call logs 

You can listen and record all the incoming and outgoing calls of your employees and children by using the secret call recorder of the Android tracking app. Further, a user can view the logs of incoming and outgoing calls with the complete timestamp and you can save the call recording data over the internet. 

Phone spy app for android Features
Phone spy app for android Features

Live Screen Recording 

You can do the screen recording of the target android device and can make short back to back videos of the screen. It means end-user can perform chrome screen recording, social media apps live screen recording, SMS and email screen recording, YouTube screen recording, and password chaser. 

IM’s Social Media 

An end user can monitor and view logs of all the trendy instant messaging apps running on the target device. The user can view the logs of text messages, text conversations, audio, and video conversations, shared media like photos and videos and last but not the least Voice calls of WhatsApp, Facebook, telegram and IMO Voice messages. 


Keystrokes logging empower the user to get their hands on all the keystrokes applied on the target device of android. It means the user can get access to the password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS and email keystrokes. So, what else a user can want from it, they can use the keystrokes and get access to each and every single entity in terms of messenger, emails, and messages. 

Messages Monitoring 

The user can get access to all the sent and received text messages such as MMS, SMS, BMM chat messages and heads up notifications. 

Track GPS location 

You can track the GPS location of the target device within the possession of children or employees respectively. You can use GPS location tracker and get to know the current and exact location of your target with a complete time stamp and even in real –time. Further, the user can mark save and restricted areas for the target remotely.

Read Emails 

 You can remotely access to the email sent or received and you can read the content of the email on your target android device. Parents can monitor children email for parenting and employees can use it to catch dishonest employee that is trying to leak company’s secrets. 

View Multimedia Files 

A user can view and get all the multimedia captured through cell phone camera such as screenshots, photos stored in the phone gallery remotely. 

Monitor Internet Activities 

A user can get to know all the visited websites and apps and further to the bookmarks on installed cellphone browser such as chrome and other. 

Remote Phone Controller 

A user can remotely control the target device and can view all the installed apps. An end user can remotely block internet access and can stop all the activities that run with internet access. Furthermore, the user can block text messages and incoming calls of the strangers remotely on the target Android mobile phones and on gadgets as well. 


TheOneSpy brand has come up with cell phone spy app for android that enables a user to monitor smartphones, tablets, and pads running with Android OS. The user can use it under complete secrecy and children and employees respectively would not have a clue that somebody has kept a hidden on them.

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