How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6123, 0

QuickBooks error 6123

The Company information, invoicing, vendor management, tax-filing, and all other accounting information in our organization was managed by a single resource by using the QuickBooks software. Managing the financial data by a single resource had created dependency on the Accounting Officer. Despite being aware of this problem, the organization had not thought of appointing another resource as backup. How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6123, 0.

And that was the major cause of crisis situation when the QuickBooks error occurred. 

The accounting officer left the job midway, which resulted in resource crunch, but a bigger problem was still lurking. The QuickBooks files had gone corrupt and when the newly appointed Accounts Officer tried to open the files, they could not be opened and displayed an Error:- 6123, 0. 

Apparently, the previous accounts officer had missed out on passing the error-information, thus jeopardizing the accounts data of the entire organization.

The error message which displayed on opening the QuickBooks file was shown as:

QuickBooks Error 6123
QuickBooks Error 6123

Error – 6123, 0 had resulted in compete unavailability of financial data. There was no other solution than to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error. 

The first step was to check the connectivity between the server and the QuickBooks application, which was the main cause of error. On troubleshooting, it was found that:

  1. The server and application were well connected
  2. The server setup was properly configured for QuickBooks Database Manager. 

As the server connection was up-to-date, the Accounts officer checked the antivirus settings. 

On further analysis, it was found that the system was using McAfee software with 16.0.14 build as antivirus. At times, the McAfee scanner tries to scan and rescan a particular file associated with Intuit QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2017 or Enterprise 17. 

As the QuickBooks file was an unsigned .DLL file, it caused the antivirus scanner to be caught in a loop and resulted in repeated scanning of QuickBooks file. 

The CPU usage was also increased due to repeated scanning, which further resulted in lower efficiency. 

The best solution to troubleshoot Error 6123, 0 was to repair QuickBooks application. 

There are many approaches to repair QuickBooks data – refresh background applications with QBRefresher.exe file, repair data by applying QuickBooks File Doctor, share data with Intuit repair and using a QuickBooks repair utility. It was decided to apply these approaches one by one.  


QBRefresher.exe had helped many times during QuickBooks upgrade. The refresher application closes all background apps and refreshes the program files to resolve QuickBooks error. But, closing and refreshing the program files did not fix the error 6123, 0.  

Next step was to run QuickBooks File Doctor or FileDoctor.exe to repair QuickBooks. The problem persisted even after running the step-by-step process of the File Doctor. The error message also showed up after restarting the system. 

Time was running out as financial transactions were piling up and the accounting software was not getting repaired. The Accounts officer was in a panic situation because of prolonged downtime due to unresolved error. 

Now, there were two options left– To share QuickBooks data with Intuit for repair or resolve QB-error with the help of professional QuickBooks repair software. We weighed the pros and cons of both the methods. 

The first option appeared more convenient as it just required submitting the apparently corrupt QuickBooks file to Intuit, we could not decide on it due to the following reasons:

  1. Data would need to be shared with third-party, with potential risk of leakage in transit
  2. Data would remain unavailable until the issue was resolved. It might have taken a few hours to a few days to fix Error 6123, 0. 

So, we decided to take the software-based approach to this problem. Based on online reviews, we first tried the demo version of Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software. The software had an easy-to-use interface and it helped in file selection. Once the file was selected, the entire repair process was easy and smooth. 

The demo version of the software repaired the file and displayed it for final check. And it was a sheer delight and relief that the complete accounting data was available without any error message and QuickBooks data was saved in a new Company file. We verified the repaired data and activated the software with the help of stellar customer support. 

Sending the sensitive data to Intuit may have helped but there was a potential risk of exposing the data in transit. On the contrary, trying a well-rated software proved to be a better choice, as we could quickly assess its effectiveness in-house while keeping the data secure from any external threats. 

One thing is sure that are always some apprehensions regarding using a software to resolve QuickBooks error 6123.0.  In this case, the apprehensions were proved wrong and the software approach provided best results. 

Repairing QuickBooks data by using Stellar Repair for QuickBooks was straightforward and did not involve complications. We rated this software 9 on 10 for its functionality and results.
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