Looking To Shift From A PC To Mac: Here Are Five Things You Should Know

PC To Mac

There are many reasons, which prompt people to make the transition from a Windows PC to Mac. These reasons can vary from social status to creativity to even the fear of getting infected with harmful malware.

Others like the design of a device and the ease of the Mac interface. People also suggest that in terms of maintenance and updates, a Mac is more advanced and easier to manage than a PC. This does not goes to show that PCs are in any way inferior.

There are many variables, which go into making the decision to shift. Nearly 99% of them are purely subjective in nature.

In this article, will look at what you need to be aware of before making the transition from a PC to a Mac. The Mac can be either your MacBook or your iMac.

5 Things to know before switching from a PC to a Mac: The List

1.      The Price Factor-

One thing, which you need to take into consideration, is the fact that Macs are much more expensive than PCs. However, many people allude to the fact that Apple only makes high-end products, while Microsoft has an extensive product line ranging from lesser expensive models to ones that are more expensive.

If you have been using a high end PC with great configurations, you will not find that price to be such a great variance. You will also need to take into account the pricing for the various iOS apps like iTunes, iCloud and others.

2.      The Data Transfer Process-

Every time we transition from an old system to a new one, one pain point that almost all of us encounter is data transfer. While Drive, Dropbox and Cloud offer some respite, local data on systems are transferred using an external hard disk.

When you do this on your new Mac, you will need to find an alternative solution. This is because NTFS files can only be read on a Mac. This means that either you will have to create a FAT32 partition on your external hard drive or take help from a third party NTFS for Mac software.

3.      The Functional Differences-

If you are switching from a PC to a Mac, you need to be ready for the functional differences. It is easier for people to transition from devices using the same operating systems. However, when the operating systems are different, the transition gets harder.

This means that the ‘Enter Key’ on your PC does not allow you the same function of a MacOS. In addition, mouse pad also has a set of different functionalities, which you will need to get used to soon. Along with this, installing apps, moving data, running system checks all differ between the different operating systems.

4.      The Option of Choice-

Every major PC hardware manufacturer in the world uses Windows. While Microsoft has started manufacturing its own devices, a majority of us buy them from brands like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Asus and others. This means that in terms of options and configurations, a PC user is spoiled for choice.

Windows runs on different devices like tablets, laptops, desktops and even cell phones. However, Mac OS is only limited to MacBook and iMac. Microsoft is stretching the game with Windows 10 as being one OS, which can be applicable to multiple devices.

5.      Syncing your Devices-

Have you ever noticed why people who use MacBook have an iPhone, an iPad, even an Apple Watch? This is because Apple encourages users to create the Apple ecosystem, by buying the different devices, which run the Apple OS. This is the only way to benefit from all the features and functionalities, which Apple offers.

However, this can be a very expensive proposition given the fact that you were only looking to buy one Apple device. While many look over this fact when buying a Mac, they figure out later that this is something, which they will have to do in the end.


There is no doubt that both the operating systems are superb in their own right. If Microsoft was too good, Apple wouldn’t exist today. Likewise, if everyone preferred Apple, Microsoft would have ceased to exist. In this article, we have tried list down five things, which you should know before you make the transition from a PC to a Mac.

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