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System errors have become an integral part of computers, and you might often come across while working on it. Among many errors “Windows could not automatically detect this proxy” is a common one and you need to resolve it to work on your system again. Here are the key solutions for fixing the system error related to the proxy issue when you see the message as mentioned above.

Solution 1: System Reboot

A system reboot is an immediate solution to fix a proxy issue. Generally, you will see the error with the message above the icon of the network connection. It comes with an exclamation mark in the yellow background.

When facing the above proxy issue, you can restart your router along with your system. We always instruct you to execute the first solution before switching on to others.

Solution 2: Troubleshoot the Network Adapter

Troubleshoot the Network Adapter

Troubleshooting the network adapter can help you to get rid of the proxy issue with the message “windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy”. Internet connection troubleshooting could be one of the leading reasons why you see this message. However, running the network adapter troubleshooter cannot fix the problem every time.

Still, you need to try this method once, and if you are lucky enough, the proxy error will be fixed.

Solution 3: Obtaining DNS and IP Address

Whenever you have a proxy issue, check if the IP address and DNS pings are entered and working automatically. At times, IP and DNS experience a misconfiguration that leads to a proxy issue of the system.

If the IP address and DNS address are not set to ‘obtain automatically’, change it and reboot the system to check if the proxy issue is resolved.

Solution 4: Check the Proxy Settings

You can check the proxy settings on your system if you see a system error with the message “windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy”. First, you need to go to Settings and choose the Network & Internet. Under the tag, you can get the ‘Proxy’ option. Click on it to check if the ‘Automatically detect settings’ is on.

If you find it activated, you can initiate network reconnection. However, if you see the same error, you can turn off automatic proxy detection and try again.

Solution 5: Change the Network Configuration with the help of the Command prompt

One of the easiest ways to execute network troubleshooting is to take the help of the Command Prompt. However, you should have detailed knowledge regarding the commands to use. The ‘netsh winsock reset’, ‘net int ip reset’, ‘ipconfig/renew’, ‘ipconfig/release’, ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ are some commands you can run to get rid of the proxy error.

Generally, non-technical people seek technical support from this but you can expertly get rid of the error early.

Solution 6: Check if there are issues with the Network Driver

As the proxy error occurs due to abnormalities in network connections, you must check the network driver and make sure it is updated. To check the network driver, you have to go to the start button and click on it. Next, you have to find the ‘Device Manager’ and get access to ‘Utility’. Here, you can find the ‘Network Adapters’ and need to click on the connection you use.

The ‘Driver’ tab can help you to either update the network driver or use the previous one. Here, you can find an option named ‘Roll Back Driver’ and activate the pre-existing network driver.

Often, using an updated driver can be the reason for a proxy error. So, you can activate the older one and check if the error is gone.

Solution 7: Go for a Malware scan

Go for a Malware scan

A proxy issue in a system can also happen if malware is present in it. In case you have tried the previous solutions and still see the proxy error, run a malware scan. Several Malware scan apps can support you in this.

A thorough malware scan can eradicate the viruses in the system and make it work flawlessly. The proxy issues get resolved in most cases after a Malware scan is done in a system.

The best place to find an excellent Malware scanning app is searching in the digital app store. For best results, you should always take the authentic packages that come with affordable charges.

Free Malware scanning apps are also available, but you might not get satisfactory performance from them.

Solution 8: Firewall review, VPN, and pre-existing antivirus software

If you are seeing an error with the message “windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy”, check your firewall and VPN. If your firewall is turned on, make sure to turn it off.

Configuring the VPN is another crucial thing that can resolve the proxy error. Take the support of a software expert if you are not a technical person. You can enjoy a flawless network activity again if the VPN is updated.

Furthermore, people commonly have anti-virus software installed in the systems, but they may become outdated. If you find outdated antivirus software, renew it and run a Malware scan. In most cases, the settings of the antivirus software change with an update resulting in a proxy issue.

Solution 9: System Restore

System Restore

A System Restore can be a technical solution to get rid of a proxy error on a system. To execute a system restore, you have to click on Windows and select the option “Create a restore point”. 

Once a tab appears, you have to click on “System Restore”. As you click on “System Restore”, the process will start and you have to click on Next.

For further processes, you need to follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Generally, there are high chances for a proxy error to resolve if a system restore is successfully done.

Another way to initiate the “System Restore” is by accessing the control panel of the system. You can find the “System Entry” option on it and access the “System Protection” on the sidebar at the left hand side of the screen.

In the next dialogue box, you can create restore points. The system restore is a safe process as it does not hamper any personal information.

Solution 10: Resetting the Network Settings

Resetting the Network Settings

Resetting the network settings can help you to get rid of any proxy error surely. It is one of the best ways to fix the error we are discussing here. Although in all previous versions of Windows, the process of network settings reset is complicated, in Windows 10, the process is easy.

All you have to do is to visit the “ Network & Internet” option from “Settings” and find the “Status” tab. On the “Status” tab you will find the option of “Network Reset”.

A network settings reset can be the ultimate solution to get rid of a proxy error, but it leads to the deletion of all vital network information.

Final Words

Proxy errors with any message are quite common in a system. However, it hampers the work and irritates the user. If you are facing the proxy error with the message “windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy” try out these solutions.

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