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Dedicated Server

It’s a wonderful thing when your website expands in volume and receives massive traffic due to your efforts and the hard work. You need a hosting dedicated server plan that keeps up with your growth.

If you do not do that, you might end up with higher bounce rates and slow speed which might

make users not want to visit your website anymore. Thus to avoid the situation, you must upgrade to a new hosting plan. You know that it’s time to consider upgrading to a new hosting plan when your website site is getting more than few hundred visitors per day.

Dedicated hosting provides you with the single server that you exclusively use for yourself. You do not share it with any other person. You can modify and amend the server as per your

requirements to serve your own needs. Though Storage Dedicated Server are on a more expensive end of the scale, they usually give you various features and multiple options at the same time allowing you to pay for it through increased earnings.

Dedicated hosting helps your site by providing far more resources for its expansion. Though opting for dedicated hosting has its advantages. It provides you with better security and stability.

It also monitors and configures every element of your server.

What is Storage Dedicated Server

A storage dedicated server is simply a computer like the desktop computers that you use at home or on the job. Each server includes chips, storage, memory, network components, and vans to join the elements together. But dedicated servers are not like regular computers, and they do not contain the very same components. Contrary to ordinary PC or Mac consumer-grade elements, dedicated servers feature enterprise-grade hardware that is more reliable, less likely to collapse, and far more powerful.

All tools are based on the capacities and constraints of one piece of hardware. The expression committed comes in the simple fact it is isolated from another digital area round it according to hardware. The hardware is constructed primarily to supply industry-leading functionality, durability, speed and most of all, reliability.

All of the rented or purchased server’s resources are available to that particular client who rents, or buys the physical hardware. Resources are customized to customer needs including volume, RAM, bandwidth load and processor size. Dedicated hosting servers are the most powerful machines available on the market, and often have multiple processors.

Primary Parts of Storage Dedicated Server

  1. Motherboard
  2. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  3. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  4. Hard Drive
  5. Network / Port
  6. Power Supply


First, there is the motherboard. The motherboard, over every other component, is the centre of the server. Most consumers on all servers need not have to understand the motherboard except that it dictates the amount of RAM, the type of CPU, and also the number of drives that can connect to the machine. It is also in control of I/O and some other crucial pieces that the an ordinary person will not have to understand.

2.Central Processing Unit (CPU)

This is also referred to as a chip. If the motherboard is your computer’s heart, then the chip is its mind. The chip is often the first element which springs to mind when it comes to the functionality. It is only one element which affects operation, but its significance is not to be trivialized. You will want to learn a great deal about chips to make sure you’re getting a fantastic deal on a host. This is because hosts can provide consumer-grade chips or obsolete models in set of present gen server-grade CPUs.

3.Random Access Memory (RAM)

They wouldn’t be complete without a wholesome dose of memory, particularly one that is likely to be in charge of hosting a site. On a computer memory does not apply to this hard disk, but instead to RAM. It ‘s important for your host ‘s functioning and the amount you ‘re using will need to scale up along with your hosting needs. RAM now has four generations using newer gen RAM operating quicker than mature sticks. You’re going to want to make sure that your host runs the latest generations (DDR4 at this point, although most servers are still DDR3, and that’s alright too). This is going to bring about the ideal performance and profit for your investment.

4.Hard Drive

These days, SATA drives would be the norm for hard drives. These provide very good reliability and performance, however, are already being substituted by up and coming hard disk technologies. SSDs are getting increasingly more prevalent. All server hosting kinds out of dedicated servers into the cloud have started to support it even offer it standard. They give for outstanding read and write rates, and their visibility is incredible. If you are able to find an SSD, you will not be disappointed because it will be a substantial increase in server functionality.

5.Network / Port:

Another crucial element is the network link. Most servers are attached to a port that speeds may vary and be put from the server. Such vents can vary in prices all the way up to a Gigabit relationship, but starting at 10Gbps at most.

6.Supply of Power :

At last, the source of power is required. You do not have to understand a lot about the energy source of a host except it’s there, and it is what forces each of the elements in your own server.

The Pros and Cons of High Storage Dedicated Server 

Since you might be starting to see dedicated hosting includes some apparent advantages and disadvantages compared to other kinds of hosting. Knowing these can create your own selection of strategies much clearer.

First, let’s summarize main pros of opting for a storage dedicated hosting plan:

  • You will benefit from improved safety, in addition to enhanced speed and stability.
  • You have total control over how you configure your server.
  • Other people’s websites can not negatively influence yours.
  • Your website will be given with loads of resources. Therefore it can keep growing over time.

There are also a few drawbacks worth mentioning though:

  • This kind of hosting service is probably going to cost you more than any other option.
  • Dedicated servers need more upkeep and technical understanding to operate correctly.

(But, this drawback can be mitigated by selecting managed hosting, and that we will discuss in the future.)Now, you could get a notion about if committed hosting is ideal for you. In another section, we will make that choice as simple as possible.

Features of High Storage Dedicated Server

There are many features of high storage dedicated server hosting includes:


Whatever the sort of server you opt for, managed or unmanaged, the controller, at last, is located in your hands. It’s possible to alter the software depending on your needs, and also subtract the host according to your requirements.


Since you’re solely accountable for a high storage dedicated server, it is possible to make the prerequisites depending on your personal safety, and also make it a very secure host. Since the host isn’t shared among sites, it’s harder for an individual to get access to your passwords, data and documents. This, together with routine updates and security patches, make it among the best and protected hosting options out there.


The majority of the folks buy dedicated servers on account of the reliability provided by them. You may even pre-plan the funding for all of the repairs and upkeep, so the expenses don’t burn a hole in the pockets. Since you aren’t sharing your bandwidth with different sites, you can make certain that none of your customers faces bandwidth difficulty.


When you begin a new company, your company needs are smaller. You don’t require a large number of resources to initiate a web site, but as your company grows, so will your website. Using a dedicated server, you are able to boost the size of your site when you would like to.


Dedicated Servers manage a great quantity of data at any particular time. For this reason, you may count on the machine for its functionality, as it will not be displaying any downtime while your site confronts heavy traffic.


When a host is shared with more than one site, no site has complete access to attributes. That happens because, in the event that you alter some attributes on the machine, it will also influence other sites on the device. Though, this issue is solved with dedicated hosting, since the customer always has all of the tools and also the server for both themselves, allowing for much better flexibility or control.

How To Wisely Choose A Storage Dedicated Server

Like most of the firms are different, and thus its functioning, every site on the web differs. Their demands might not be equal nor their applications. For that reason, it’s very important to recognize the requirements and hardware of the application, so when choosing a hosting agency. A number of These parameters are important in choosing a hosting service:

Memory Needs

Before selecting a dedicated server hosting, then you have to check if the hosting programs satisfy your memory needs or not, since this will directly influence your loading speeds. RAM is your available storage capacity available, which enables the people to get information on the machine. The better RAM a site has for its requirements, the quicker it will load.


If you’re opting in to get a dedicated host, you want to especially keep an eye out for the chip. This typically depends upon the sort of plug and software that you have on your site. Sites that have amazingly heavy CPU-intensive scripts, SQL servers, specific servers for gambling, etc. require good processors to work efficiently.

Storage Needs

You may pick the quantity and variety of hard disks you may use in your own dedicated servers. This may highly depend on if the information being managed is sensitive and distinctive or not-so-sensitive. Sites, which comprise some specific or special information usually have one main hard disk to store the data, and the rest of the hard disks function as a backup. In this manner, the exceptional information is not lost and is stored securely. On the flip side, people who desire more space and do not require a backup may utilize another hard disk as additional distance, once the key disk is complete.

3 Ways To Say If You Need Dedicated Server Large Storage

Dedicated hosting is a strong alternative but it is not suitable for every site. But, there are three easy techniques to choose if you want this type of plan. Just ask yourself if you encounter at least one of the following three classes.

1. You are getting improved protection

The websites’ defacing are on the rise. In general, the security of a shared hosting program is good for smaller and more private websites. But if your business handles information, especially sensitive information (for example, credit card numbers), you may require the extra safety that dedicated hosting supplies.

Dedicated server large storage hosting provides top-notch security since the entire host can be configured to meet your needs, including making a tighter firewall to keep hackers out. What’s more, it ensures you don’t have to worry about another domain on your shared server, exposing your domain to malware.

Large storage dedicated server hosting providers offer round-the-clock aid in the case of an assault for many of our strategies. Nevertheless, dedicated hosting is the best way to make sure your website is fully safe and also to avoid breaches of security before they occur.

2. Your Site Requires Improved Server Stability

As we have mentioned, another benefit of dedicated servers is enhanced functionality. On a shared server, the more memory you’re paying for is divided among many websites. This implies that if a single website you’re sharing has a hectic day, your website may lag. Too many people at same time can make your website wreck!

But on a dedicated server, each of its resources are earmarked for your website alone. If your the website is growing, Large storage dedicated server is the ideal way to keep loading times down. This is very important if your website is experiencing delays because of high traffic.

If your website isn’t quite large enough to warrant a dedicated host but has improved beyond your present shared strategy, VPS hosting might be a better choice. Just like a committed program, each memory you’re paying for is earmarked for your website. This supplies a massive advancement over shared hosting, at a lower price than dedicated hosting. Additionally, you could always upgrade later in the event that you will need the extra resources.

3. You Want Total Control Over Server’s Configuration

With dedicated hosting, you are getting your own server. As a consequence, that you can configure it however you’d like. By way of instance, you can configure a firewall that meets your precise security specifications.

Even in the event that you don’t possess the specialized know-how to do these things yourself, then you can find a managed dedicated program. This means your supplier will manage the majority of the essential installation and care for you. Although this kind of strategy will come at a greater price, you are going to find the full advantages of hosting without needing to do much work yourself.

When you obtain a managed dedicated server by A2 Hosting, your strategy includes 24/7/365 tech support from our Guru Crew. We’ll use you to configure your own server just how you need, even in the event that you don’t understand all of the terminology involved. Moreover, our staff operates round the clock to ensure that your website remains up constantly.


Whilst searching for a dedicated server hosting business, you want to take three big variables into consideration. These are specifically, technical assistance, up-time and client reviews. As you elect for a business, you will need to make certain their technical assistance will be able to assist with all of your inquiries and technical aid. Up-Time is essential as if your site goes down, and you lose clients in addition to credibility. By seeing the customer testimonials, you can guarantee yourself of those variables and assess if the hosting business is well worth purchasing services from, or even.

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