Complete Guide for Kodi Setup and Usage of Free VPN for Ubuntu

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Kodi Setup: When it comes to usage of online streaming platforms for movies and TV channels, Kodi is one of the most trusted and easy to use platform on top of the popularity. In this guide, we are discussing the essential things one should know about installing Kodi and use it professionally.

About Kodi as an online streaming tool

For those who don’t know what Kodi is, it is primarily an open-source media player, which is meant for end-to-end home entertainment. The platform is available from the year 2002, which had left the impression that anyone can get access to any content online. During the initial launch, it was the well-known Xbox Media Player, which later became Xbox Media Center and then renamed as Kodi.

Kodi is very simple but powerful software that enables streaming of various online content from across the globe like movies, TV shows, sports, kid’s videos, and many others. You can avail of Kodi for a wide range of operating systems, and it can work on many hardware configurations.

Kodi is a content-on-demand video streaming platform, which has hundreds of add-ons that will allow the users to watch a wide range of content as and when needed. Doing the Kodi setup is also fully legal, but you need to make sure that the third-party add-ons you use are legal and stream content, which is legitimate.

Top VPNs for Ubuntu

While using utilities like Kodi, it is ideal to use some good VPNs also to ensure your security and anonymity online. Here, we will discuss the best free VPN for ubuntuto use.


It has many top-notch features and specialized applications for Ubuntu. It also follows a no-log policy for the users.


It is another Ubuntu-friendly VPN, which his IPv6 compatible and also enables access through browsers like Tor


This is now the No.1 VPN for the most secure and easy access to any internet content anonymous and freely. Offering lightning-fast speed, this application is not only for Ubuntu but available for various other operating systems too. You can also avail 24×7 chat support.


Ensures the fastest connections. There are NordVPN apps for all platforms, including Ubuntu. The provider offers servers in 60 countries and follows a no-log policy too.


It is yet another top VPN for Ubuntu offering a dedicated client. With no-logs policy, the company also ensures a 64-bit full GUI instead of the most common DEB package.

Kodi Setup

The most compatible devices for Kodi installation are Amazon FireTV, Nvidia SHIELD Android TV, Android TV Set-top boxes, etc. You need to first access the site to download the applications and to install for Windows, you need to select that from the compatible platforms list. You can find ‘Windows Store’ options there where you can simply log in or sign in with the Microsoft account to get it done.

Once the installation is done, then you can launch the Kodi app and start using it. You have the option to customize it and create your custom list of channels and content to be accessed as and when needed.

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