Top Tips to Post Bail When You Have Little or No Money

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Bail Money: According to an article published on, there has been a spike in mass killings in the US of late, just last year, compared to any other year, as per research.

Then, when a member of your family or friend has been taken into custody in Dayton, Ohio, say for a traffic violation act or drunken driving incident, you will need the services of a bail bonds company to get your loved one out of jail. What will happen if your friend or relative has little or no money to post bail? Fret not. Here are some top tips to help you:

Learn about the basic of the bail process

People abiding by the law usually do not know how bail works and according to the American judiciary, it’s considered that a person is innocent until proved guilty. Then, when your buddy or relative is behind the bars, you cannot sit back relaxed seeing him sitting in prison for months.

When your friend or family member does not have the funds to post bail, you can come to his assistance and provide the bail money. The rest would be taken care of by a bail bondsman to initiate a quick release of the defendant from jail. When the accused is present at all court hearings and adheres to the bail conditions, there are possibilities of getting the money back, though rare. You can consult with an expert from Castle bail bonds Dayton to figure out how their process works.

Figure out how the bail money is decided

Usually, a court judge mulls over some of these essential aspects to decide on the bail money. These include the defendant’s criminal history previously, if any, the gravity of the offense, whether the offender is a risk to the society or community, the chances of the defendant fleeing from the state or country, and the defendant’s finances and ability to pay the bail amount. When you have a bail bondsman working on your behalf, he will also charge a reasonable fee, if feasible.

Once the amount is decided by a court of law in Dayton, the amount could be paid in full or finding a way out by collaborating with a bail bondsman.

Look for a co-signor

When the defendant cannot pay the bail money due to budget constraints, he can look for a co-signor, who would sign the bond and make payment arrangements as soon as possible. Usually, a bondsman would charge 10 percent of the total amount set for the bail. If your friend or loved one is behind bars and with a poor job or credit history, you can become a co-signor to get him released from jail. Your friend can always pay you back later.

Final thoughts

You never know when bad luck will strike and your loved one is arrested for violating the laws of the land. To be honest, no one can predict an arrest, and therefore, paying upfront for the bail amount might prove challenging for the defendant. As a friend or relative, you can pay for the bail amount. Moreover, a bail bondsman would come to the assistance of a defendant for a quick release from prison.

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