6 Best Agents in Valorant For Beginners


New to Valorant and have no idea where to start? No worries, we’ve got your back! Here are some agents that are easy to master for new players like yourself. We’ll talk about each character’s ability and possible tactics to help you decide on which character you would like to use for your gameplay.

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Now, let’s have a look, shall we?



Overall the easiest to use when it comes to new players who have never played the Valorant game before. Reyna is an all-rounder that packs a punch even if you don’t know what you’re doing. She has a basic ability kit well designed for beginners to get out of sticky situations.

Her basic ability ‘Leer’ allows her to blind players while also figuring out their locations. Yes, Leer can be shot at, but that would only alert you of your enemy’s position. If they choose to go into battle blind, you have a slight advantage.

Her signature ability ‘Devour’ and ‘Dismiss’ allows you to choose between healing or running away from a fight. Reyna’s ultimate, ‘Empress’ allows her to go on a rampage while simultaneously rewarding you for it. Her ultimate could easily make you feel more confident in winning the Valorant game, especially if you’re new.



The easiest controller you could use on the field. Omen has the ability to teleport through ‘Shrouded Step’ and blind his enemies through ‘Paranoia’. The blind in ‘Paranoia’ can even pass through walls, so it’s basically inescapable.

His signature ability, ‘Dark Cover’, allows him to enter a shadow world to place and target his orbs. You can then create a long-lasting shadow barrier that blocks everything from view. If you noticed, Omen’s ability kit allows you to continuously escape and run away so you can stay safe.

His ultimate, ‘From The Shadows’, allows him to teleport from one location to another, so you don’t have to keep hiding. There’s also the element of surprise with these teleporting abilities. Even if you don’t have the skills, the element of surprise can even out the playing field.



We all need a healer in our teams, without the healer we would all be dead. So if you are a beginner interested in being a healer, Sage is your best bet. You can easily heal yourself while also healing your allies, and as a beginner, having the ability to heal yourself can be quite useful.

Her ability ‘Barrier Orb’ creates a wall to buy you some time and ‘Slow Orb’ helps you slow down your opponents for you to either run or heal. She can work in a defensive position and prevent rushes with her barrier and slowing abilities as well, so it depends on how you choose to play her.

Over time, you’ll be able to use her abilities to perform more actions and tricks like using her wall to peek at enemies, moving it around to benefit your team, and more. Her signature ‘Healing Orb’ can help with healing allies and even herself. Her ultimate ability, ‘Resurrection’ allows her to fully resurrect a teammate from the dead, so your team will be glad to have you around!



If you prefer a character that is more weapons based and tactical, we have Brimstone. His ‘Stim Beacon’ ability creates a field that allows for RapidFire, while his ‘Incendiary’ ability allows him to equip a grenade launcher.

His signature ability ‘Sky Smoke’ allows him to launch long-lasting smoke clouds in selected areas which will block the vision of his enemies. His ultimate, ‘Orbital Strike’, allows him to launch an orbital strike laser that lingers over a selected location and deals high damage.

As a character, Brimstone is a high damage character focused primarily on weapons and tactical strikes. He can be on the defensive with his ‘Sky Smoke’, and be on the offensive with his ‘Stim Beacon’. He can create distractions and is able to stop rushes with his ‘Incendiary’ as well.



Phoenix’s ability kit is quite an all-rounder. His abilities allow him to create a defensive wall, self-heal and allow him opportunities to create damage to enemies. With his ability ‘Blaze’, he creates a wall of fire that could block enemy vision and damage them if they choose to pass through. This also reduces the number of angles you are exposed to, making you a harder target.

His ‘Curveball’ ability lets him throw a fireball that he can curve to his will and explode, combining this with ‘Hot Hands’, which allows him to throw a time-sensitive fireball, Phoenix can deal explosive damage to his opponents. It will even leave a lingering fire zone that continues to damage anyone that passes through. You can easily chase enemies out of hiding spots or cut off any entry points.

For his ultimate, Phoenix has ‘Run It Back’ which is a self-healing ability. A marker is placed on his location and as it expires or if Phoenix dies, he’ll come back with full health. However, this one needs strategy and mastering, because if you put it to use wrongly, you’ll end up losing the round.



An easy Initiator to start off with, KAY/O’s basic abilities ‘FRAG/MENT’ and ‘FLASH/DRIVE’ is exactly what it sounds like. ‘FRAG/MENT’ allows him to throw an explosive fragment, it sticks to the floor and goes off several times which deals near lethal damage. ‘FLASH/DRIVE’ allows him to throw a flash grenade that blinds everyone nearby.

His signature, ‘ZERO/POINT’ is a suppression blade that sticks to a wall and suppresses anyone in its radius. This way, you can hold enemies back and escape or put an end to them. His ultimate, ‘NULL/CMD’ allows him to be overloaded with energy that radiates off him. Those who are hit by his energy are temporarily suppressed.

KAY/O can easily suppress enemies and deal a high amount of damage. His abilities are pretty easy to use, so a beginner should have no issues trying to figure his character out.

Ending Note

There are about 16 agents in Valorant currently, and that is still expected to grow as time goes on. With that, there’s bound to be more beginner-friendly agents in Valorant that could easily take the place of the above. These are just 6 out of the 16, after all! Anyways, always remember that the most important thing is to have fun. You’ll rank up in no time.

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