iPhone X Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

iphone x tips and tricks

If you think, you too are like those millions of iPhone X tips for users who think that they are using their iPhones to the fullest potential but indeed are missing out on a number of interesting and helpful features that they know less about. Since your iPhone comes loaded with a huge number of interesting features but they might be buried deep inside the menus that one may not know about them at all. 

some of those hidden iPhone X Tips and Tricks: 

Customizable Control Centre

You also have the option to customize your control center. To do so, you can go to settings>Control Centre> Customize Controls. Here you can easily rearrange, add, and remove, various controls based on your preferences. 

Sign a Document

If you have to sign a document, you can easily do it from your iPhone. Open the attachment in the Mail application. Open toolbox> tap Signature button in Mark-up Preview. Now sign the document using your finger and tap Done. Now drag the signature wherever you wish to place it on the document, tap Done again, and Viola! Now you can send this document in the blink of an eye, via your high-speed internet connection.


iPhone comes with a hidden dark mode feature to make your screen look effectively darker than the regular brightness-dimming. In order to enable this feature, just go to the settings and click on General> Accessibility> Enable Zoom. That done, now tap the screen thrice with three fingers. Now select choose filter and click on Low Light option. 

Now if you wish to disable it for use in bright light conditions, just tap the screen thrice and select None among filters. 

Organizable Notifications

Your iPhone has organizable notifications as you please. As if you can have your messages appear individually in the notifications panel rather than being grouped by app. For that, go to Notifications, long-press to select an app, choose how you wish to see and organize the notifications on your phone. 

Automatic Pictures Back-Up

If you are one of those who treasure the pictures in their phone the most then this feature is a life-saver for you. However, you will have to allow your phone to do that first. For enabling that option, go to settings> tap where your name is written> tap iCloud> photos> and switch iCloud Photos “on”. This is going to update all the photos and videos directly to iCloud so you never lose touch with them. 

Screen Recording 

While you were customizing your Control Centre you must have come across the Screen Recording function. Enabling this feature will let you record your screen. All you have to do is tap the record button and your phone will start recording your screen without the audio coming from the phone. You can also use the phone’s microphone to record your voiceover. The video will then be saved among your photos that you can later use however, you like.

Swipe to Delete in Calculator

We all go through the frustration of typing a wrong number while calculating large sums. This can be a cause of trouble when making important calculations. iPhone makes it easier to delete the wrongly typed number by a single swipe, without much hassle. 

Tape Measure

iPhone comes with a built-in tape measuring app saving you from the moments when you need to measure an object and no one carries a tape at all times. This iPhone app uses the latest technology like the odds of Augmented Reality to size everyday objects. The results aren’t as accurate but it is capable of giving fair approximations to help you get through for time being. 

Convert your keyboard into a mouse trackpad 

Ever feel the need to move your cursor around a body of text and the ease a mouse trackpad offers on our laptops. Good news, you can turn your keyboard into a mouse trackpad on your iPhone with a single touch. To do so, long-press the keyboard to switch to a mouse trackpad and scroll through a block of text easily. 

Have more iphone x tips to add. Let me know in the comments below.

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