How is IoT Transforming the Hotel Businesses?

How is IoT Transforming the Hotel Businesses

The technology of IoT has evolved industrial and production-based companies, let it be in the field of logistics, transportation, or manufacturing. In the commercial segment too, the technology of IoT has made ripples, exclusively in the field of hospitality and tourism.

IoT along with other disruptive technologies has created a connection of digital appliances and devices that present a unique stay experience to the guests. The implementation of IoT is making hotels smart and helping hospitality businesses to boost their customer satisfaction. Big hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott have already taken interest in IoT technology and infused it in their services to provide their customers with a comfortable and lavish stay experience.

What Benefits can your Hotel Business Enjoy with IoT?

Customers spend a ton of money to look for a comfortable place for temporary accommodation. They hence desire and deserve a high return on investment for the money they spend for a one night stay. By using the applications of IoT, your hotel chain can provide exceptional quality enriching services to the guests.

Moreover, IoT also optimizes the administrative and management processes, which helps you to reduce costs and improve customer service. Below are some astounding benefits that your hotel business can leverage from the implementation of IoT:

• IoT helps you to heighten your desk management and housekeeping processes.

• It also enables your staff to better manage the distinct demand of your customers. Hence, guests experience quality-rich customization that tempts them to visit your hotel again.

• IoT streamlines various maintenance and room making processes with automation and real-time notifications. This means that your staff has clear visibility into the inflow and exit of the customers. The staff can hence prepare the room before the next guest arrives.

• By using Internet of Things, your hotel also gains the ability to collect data about your customers’ likes, dislikes, preferences, and habits. Thus, you can offer personalized services to the guests, the next time they visit the hotel.

• Based on the number of people staying in the hotel, you can also manage your inventory levels.

These benefits allow you to understand the needs of your guests and increase the quality of your customer service. Furthermore, your visitors can also enjoy several benefits from your IoT based services.

IoT Benefits for Hotel Guests

The biggest aspect that defines the success of a hotel business is the engagement it makes with its guests and the service it provide to them. In the modern era where people focus more on quality over cut-rate accommodation, the hotel industry has gained the power to provide their users with the best in class services.

The best way that you can do so is by adopting the prowess of cutting-edge technologies in your services. Multinational hotel chains are doing it too. Marriott has collaborated with Samsung and Legrand to develop Internet of Things infused rooms that provide guests with automated and individually-tailored experiences. By continuously changing their modus operandi and incorporating innovative solutions, these hotel chains have expanded their roots to different nations and climbed at the top of the hotel business.

Below are some of the IoT benefits that you can implement for your visitors to relish:

• Since all the processes will be online, the customers won’t have to wait in a queue to check-in or check-out of the hotel.

• The customers will be able to easily find their way to reach restaurants and other amenities in a hotel vicinity with the help of IoT powered in-house navigation.

• Visitors will be able to avail customized services like personalized cuisines and room settings every time they visit the hotel.

• Guests can also control their room’s appliances with the help of AI and IoT based voice assistants.

These are only a few benefits that you can provide to your visitors. You can also devise several other applications from this technology as per the theme of your hotel and your personal business objectives.

Some Devices to Implement in your Smart Hotel

If you are now interested to implement the technology of IoT in your hotel business, then you must know about some must-have devices and appliances to provide a unique experience to your users. Some of them have been discussed below:

Amazon Alexa:

Alexa and other voice assistants allow guests to control the smart devices in the room with simple verbal commands. They ensure that users receive a personalized service in terms of automation and digital regulation.

Remote-control room appliances:

Embedding smart appliances is another essential thing that you must do to improve the ambiance of your hotel rooms. These appliances include lighting systems and air-conditioning that can be controlled with Alexa or other voice control AIs to provide guests with an exemplary experience.

Smart Switches:

Smart switches or buttons are currently a big hit in the hospitality segment. Instead of calling or interacting with the voice assistants, the guests can simply use the smart switches to call the housekeeping.

IoT Platform Suite:

All the above devices generate a lot of data. To manage this data and mold it to develop useful information, you will require an IoT platform similar to Intellia IoT. The platform will allow you to process the data and develop insights about your customers’ likes, dislikes, and preferences. You can also integrate your hotel management software with this platform to manage several hotel based operations.


The hospitality industry has recently realized the potential of IoT in providing astounding benefits to its guests. By embedding IoT solutions and other disruptive technologies in your business, you can gain an edge over your competitors. By using these technologies you will be able to improve your day to day methodologies and customer service.

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